Spider-Goat, Yes it is a Thing

I could not believe this when I heard it. That’s fifty shades of WTH?!


10 thoughts on “Spider-Goat, Yes it is a Thing”

  1. Some of the rumors I’ve heard on genetic engineering would blow your mind. It and artificial intelligence development are the two fields most likely to lead to human destruction at this point. The powers that be are doing a good job of keeping the subject buried also.

    Jurassic World was originally going to have human-dinosaur hybrid super-soldiers as the big bad, but it was decided people weren’t ready for that in a movie.

    1. A girlfriend and I were talking about it and I said-why don’t we hear about cloning anymore? You know they did not stop experimenting. AI is definitely going to lead to human destruction. We have talked about that too. Human/hybrids. They’ll have to eliminate possibility of free thought. What better way than to slap a “shock collar” inside the human brain? But I’m sure it will be more than just that. Super humans used to finish unfinished business or for whatever these evil freaks are wanting.

  2. Just makes you wonder what Frankenstein evil scientist absolutely crazy absurd stuff they work on daily and we know nothing.

      1. Reminds me Hitler… he had heard something about if a baby was conceived in a graveyard, the spirits within that graveyard would inhabit the baby. So he ordered the SS to research pure white graveyards and when they found them, they took their male and female specimens for their perfect race and made them breed in those graveyards.

      2. I mean he was highly intelligent. But he was a fine specimen of the saying “the closer to genius you are, the closer you are to insanity.”

        Over half of the people chosen for his “perfect race” committed suicide after the war because they were perceived as privileged and hitlers people. Though they were almost like the Jews really.. one was just picked for extermination and the other picked for world domination.