The Great Awakening

This video covers it all- Soros, child sex trafficking, Pizzagate, unusual suicides including some famous individuals, proven staged news stories. You name it. Wow! Just wow!

23 thoughts on “The Great Awakening”

    1. All I can figure is that he has something on anyone who can do him harm. He’s probably paid off people he has nothing on. He’s the *de facto* owner of the Democratic Party, so they and their fellow travelers (the media, academia, the entertainment business etc.) are beholden to him. I would guess that he’s spent years developing this empire he runs, and no one has paid any attention. And that really bothers me…

      1. That’s all we can do. Little by little. I am doing the same thing, even though I meet with a lot of resistance. We have 117 days before the election. I only hope people wake up. This is the most important election of our times. It comes down to FREEDOM and our liberties and preserving our way of life or TYRANNY. Those are our choices.

      2. It is the most important election of our time. I spoke against Trump in the past. But the things I’ve found in researching has shown me I was buying into fake media and impact on public opinion. When I researched, he’s kept his campaign promises all while being under attack the entire time. He’s trying to clean house. All the bitching I e done about system being corrupt, he’s working on that. I’m behind him 100%. He’s draining that swamp!

      3. I’ve have stood my Mr. trump and President Trump since day one. I saw where the future was headed and it scared the HELL out of me, and now even more so. As I see it, it is either TRUMP or TYRANNY. I know where I stand.

      4. Said before” Education without intellect leads to certainty of misdirection of dismay ”

        When those who get tired of drinking the Kool Aid being given to them and open their eyes to see the whole picture cause and affect starts to create intricate wed of design to acknowledgement and Accountability.

        I knew that when libtards and Dem Tards were to be able to get their feet wet we were all in massive big trouble hence look where we are now.

        The reason why socialism is trying to be allowed to breathe and flourish is because of egregious political agenda by Dem Tards to try and burn everything to the ground.

        Socialism needs to be eradicated and biggest infectious disease of that is black lives matter =Symbol of Hate

        Just look at all the funding and money they been given billions and still not enough why because not about money it about controlling the narrative and make sure they are focal point of oppression to afflict accountability onto others for their own doing.

        Think about it logically


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