Who was Udo Ulfkotte? Why You Should Care.

Silenced by a heart attack? Maybe. But whistle blowers of the elite seem to drop like flies once they speak up.

So why is his name making it’s rounds once again? He’s been gone three years. Well, he exposed the CIA and the influence they have on news stories.

Fake media. I know, but your news channel is different. No it is not. Our media is riddled with corruption. Have you ever sat and watched the same news story on competing channels? I have. It’s eye opening. This man has told us why.

Are we forgetting that there are four corporations-only four that own all media. Are we forgetting the billionaires that have special interests in these corporations?

We the people are united if we stand together. But we aren’t standing together. Why is that? Why did we all come together and then it fell apart and just got worse as time went on? Because nations are easier to conquer if divided.


6 thoughts on “Who was Udo Ulfkotte? Why You Should Care.”

  1. Don’t forget that CBS and Viacom are one company, so you can include that.

    The news business has always had a leftward bias. Walter Cronkite finally admitted it, about five or ten years after he retired. He was “the most trusted man in TV news,” too.

    1. Because a lot of deaths of whistleblowers get very little air time. Same for child sex trafficking. With the amount of children that go missing, why don’t we hear more on this? Because there’s devils in charge.