CCP’s Influence on Hollywood

The NBA, Hollywood and I’m sure it doesn’t stop there. What? CCP across border censorship and control.

But how can they tell studios or NBA what to do? Money! Billions and billions of dollars flow in from China broadcasting NBA and allowing movies into their market. A very lucrative marriage.

Here’s the rub. You scratch our back, we will scratch yours. Politics pretty much. China pulled the rug right from under the NBA in 2019. It all was due to a tweet. Daryl Money, the Houston Rockets manager tweeted support for Hong Kong government protestors. Ooh bad idea! But wait, he was in the U.S. when he tweeted this. Freedom of speech! That’s not how the CCP saw it. A couple of minor league games that were to be played in China were cancelled, China merchants no longer selling Rockets memorabilia, a sport’s news site stopped covering the team. When you lose 500 million viewers, you lose a lot of money.

As for Hollywood, China is dictating rules for movie studios. Such as certain things cannot be in the movie that offends them. In a Mission Impossible movie, Tom Cruise had a jacket with the Taiwanese flag on it. Well, that had to go. They’re also forcing some studios to film so many days in China. There’s also a little bit of propaganda added to these films. Of course there is!

It’s no secret that President Trump is working to divorce China. To make America more self dependent. In a video I included, Chris Fenton, a major Hollywood film executive agrees that this marriage must end. He realizes that a free market does not mean freedom. Obviously! If you’re paying attention, you see that communism is slowly taking over the U.S., and gaining speed.

Money is the root to all evil. How much does one man really need? Don’t get me wrong, making money is nice but at what cost? What are you willing to give up for money? Freedom? That’s the end game.

A Hollywood Ending for the Coming U.S.-China Divorce

6 thoughts on “CCP’s Influence on Hollywood”

  1. As usual, it’s nothing new, Laura.

    Marx is credited with saying “The last capitalist hung will be the one who sells us the rope”. Now of course, it’s being denied he ever said such a thing. The Venona Papers pretty much prove that Senator McCarthy was right also, even if he took things too far in addressing the issue. Communists will tell you those are fake also though. That’s their answer to anything that makes them look bad, even the massacres by Lenin, Stalin, Mao and Pol Pot.

    1. Absolutely! But I keep trying to inform those still sleeping. Bits of info at a time. Hoping they’ll be able to piece the puzzle together. It’s a lot to absorb that everything you ever believed is a lie.

  2. Right now after WHO has continued to kiss Chinese President ass are coming out and saying that vaccines are not safe and kill have adverse side effects even some cases in fact many fatal consequences.

    Yet they continue to slam Taiwanese and Japanese forgetting the fact that Taiwan has had no confirmation of deaths from Chinese Wuhan Virus.

    Ppl need to really open their eyes and not buy in to the Kool Aid they being told to drink by the gallons.


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