Twenty-five Conspiracy Theories Proven to be True

Crazy times means crazy theories. Or are they? There’s a lot of past conspiracy theories that have been proven to be true. Just something to think about.

Remember the conspiracy theory about priest molesting boys? Proven!

Poisoning of booze during prohibition? Proven!

I’m not saying that some theories are not way out there. There’s plenty. But there’s some that seem to fall more within critical thinking than conspiracy theory. For example the assassination of JFK. If you follow my blog, you already know how I feel about that one.

25 Conspiracy Theories That Turned Out to Be True

10 thoughts on “Twenty-five Conspiracy Theories Proven to be True”

  1. Great post! Nowadays anyone who goes against the main stream narrative is a conspiracy theorist! People need to pause for a second or two and start exercising some critical thinking. sadly not a lot of people have this capacity to think critically. We are all born with the capacity to think, but not everyone is capable of critical thinking. Moreover, we have a tendency to operate within our own echo chamber, where the only information that goes through our brain is information that validates our prior knowledge, vindicates our prior decision, sustains our existing beliefs. We should get into the habit from time to time of walking down the road less traveled, the one taken by critical thinkers. I wrote a blog article on this subject – Feel free to check it out!

  2. Also if you wish to share My Story no worries I am not ashamed to say or talk about the Fucking Hell I was thrashed into.

    “Many , many never get their stories heard or told just shattered fragments of what use to resemble Life reduced into ensuffering of nothing” E.O.S


  3. Very interesting timbit Laura

    There as you and I know so many Kool Aid consumers out there that think there is no agenda going on

    Which clearly we know other wise

    “Education can emulate change with intellect without it leads to certain misdirection of dismay ” E.O.S


      1. Exactly just look at how ppl are getting outta sorts because athletes opting out not playing for putting themselves at risk without no reassurance or guarantee of protection for ” fans entertainment ”

        I would say to those ppl there are things more important take precedence over money

        Fuck You !!!

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