Food for Thought-If You Think You’re not Next-You’re a Fool

If you think it is funny to see people being censored with opposing views-you don’t understand the bill of rights.

If you think it is okay for conservatives to be silenced because of their political views-you don’t care about freedom of speech.

If you think once all conservatives are silenced, that you’re not next-you’re a fool.

Stay thirsty my friends!

5 thoughts on “Food for Thought-If You Think You’re not Next-You’re a Fool”

  1. We just had this conversation with friends of ours the other day. One of our friends said “I think all hate speech should be banned”. OK. Who gets to decide what is deemed as hate speech? It may be me today, but it may be you tomorrow. he did NOT like that response at all. I kept trying to tell him that just because you don;t like what is being said, it does NOT give you the right to censor it. We all have the right to free speech. If we censor it for one, it will soon be censored for all.

    1. That’s exactly right! I’d like to punch KKK in the gut when I hear such hate but I don’t have to listen. Hate speech now is speaking truth. BLM are professed trained marxists. So if you speak up for freedom that means you speak against that organization and means you’re racist. Horseshit! I believe black lives matter. I don’t believe in the organization. Your hero is a cop killer. How can I condone that?

      1. It’s like you are reading my mind. I believe ALL lives matter. Placing one group above another group is RACIST. To give one group special privileges that other groups don’t get is RACIST.