Martin Niemöller-No one Left to Speak out for Me

8 thoughts on “Martin Niemöller-No one Left to Speak out for Me”

  1. This is a powerful quote. I just really hope you aren’t posting it in an attempt to draw parallels between Nazi Germany and current events. I’m very tired of people on both sides comparing everything to the holocaust and Hitler. It’s just so hyperbolic and tired.

    1. I just heard of a woman being fired when they found out her boyfriend is a Republican. Books are now being discussed. Nobody can speak against certain things even if it’s truth. Censorship. Indoctrination in schools. News flat out lying to keep the people separated and throwing fuel on the fire. Conservatives being verbally abused and I have been one without any provocation. Yes I am. My dad was a kid in Italy during WWII. There’s a push for fascism. Anyone opposed is censored. I most definitely am drawing parallels. This is how Hitler started. Once he destroyed democracy, he began propaganda campaign. Meetings, books, news, all media, art etc were censored if viewpoints given opposing Nazi’s beliefs.