Out of the Shadows

A very interesting video. It covers CIA mind control; indoctrination of citizens through media, movies, tv; CIA’s contribution to Hollywood and on and on.

Television or tell a vision.

6 thoughts on “Out of the Shadows”

  1. I googled Project Monarch and an article that was written in 2016 in Rolling Stone magazine pops up that covers exactly what this video does.

    A fascination with butterflies- tattoos hairclips
    Blood types or bloodlines
    Military families
    Alien abductions
    This theory has been circulating the net for 20 years.

    However, I don’t watch action movies because they make me dream. Cheers

  2. I can’t lie, the words “mind control” immediately make me think this is conspiracy theory stuff on the lizard people level.
    Media influences people. But media influence isn’t mind control.

    1. No this covers multiple things. Not as a whole. It talks about CIA experiments using lsd. It talks about CIA being behind the writing of some major books/movies. Which shows the CIA in a favorable light. Some CT are way out there. One thing I do like about MOST conspiracy theory documentaries is that they know their history. The theories might be bullshit but things we may have not realized or forgot about-they keep at the forefront.