Round II-Release of Prisoners due to Corona-I Think We’ve Been Here Before-ARE YOU AWAKE YET?

Let’s see- I think we’ve been here before. Some of us are wide awake while others just aren’t getting the bigger picture.

So we are trying to control people by mandating masks once again. Businesses are starting to shut down-again. Whistleblowing is being encouraged. I really doubt law enforcement will be so quick to act this time however. Call me Kreskin.

California Governor Newsom has approved a plan to release 8,000 prisoners. Some violent criminals. Newsom believes that they will follow Corona protocol. I’d laugh at that but it really is a pathetic view. I’d call it ignorant but I think irresponsible is the truth of it. Because we have been here before.

Case and point -Mayor Bill DeBlasio’s response to Riker’s Island early released inmates committing crimes.

Ooh big shocker! Fire up the presses-criminals committing crimes!

We are trying to squash the spread of this virus-or so we are being told. I think it’s more accurate that it’s being used to control the law abiding citizens, mandate mail in voting to rig an election.

FACT-all rioting and looting is in Democratic run cities that have ignored and encouraged it by turning a blind eye. This isn’t happening in Republican run cities. But if you go out in public without a mask-you’ll likely have a little snitch turn you in. Then what? A fine? Arrest? Seems legit. Control the masses but not the criminals. Fear fear fear-create it, cause it, stir it.

Anyone remember some of the inmates released last time around?

Poindexter-Riker’s Island early release; ten days later he sexually assaulted a woman.

How about Chicago releasing convicted murderers?

Matthew Cory-Washington-Attacked a woman on a walking trail after doing meth.

Several child molesters were released. Who’s to say they’ve not victimized children while out.

Yes here we are again. Being told we must comply while prisoners are once again being given freedom. Only this time our police forces can’t help. It’s a great big Trojan horse. Let me ask you a question. Are YOU AWAKE YET?

Almost 4,000 inmates released from Illinois prisons, 64 convicted of murder

3 thoughts on “Round II-Release of Prisoners due to Corona-I Think We’ve Been Here Before-ARE YOU AWAKE YET?”

  1. There’s a reason (many actually) that I fled California. Gavin Newsome is high on that list. The man never met an EXTREME leftist idea that he wouldn’t fully embrace despite all logic and evidence to the contrary. I lost the last shred of respect I had for him when he blamed the California wildfires on climate change, not PG&E’s corporate greed and complicity by legislators. California is still dealing with rolling blackouts as PG&E foot drags on fixing the situation too.

    ANYWAY… That’s getting off topic. I was griping about California’s idiotic lax ideas about criminals, drug use and violent homeless people for years before all this started. The change in laws that knocked several felonies down to misdemeanors and all but did away with bail turned the streets into a zoo there. It’s catch and release, and between that and the hate that cops get there, they don’t even try to do their job unless it’s a matter of life and death.

    If you want to delve into conspiracies also… The Bolsheviks released a ton of prisoners as part of their revolution, and turned them against the public. We MAY be seeing something similar here where the freed prisoners are being used as a weapon. Let them run amok and cause enough chaos and people will eventually scream for a police state.

    1. I’m going to look into that. I really believe this is meant to cause a very bloody battle. Lots of death. You know as well as I do a lot of people are armed to the teeth. Haven’t entered the picture with exception to trespassing on property. If conservatives are pushed its going to be war. This is the plan. They want this. I knew there was evil in this world but the amount of evil is mind blowing. That’s the true virus we should worry about.