Demoralize and Implode

I’m tired of the news. I’m tired of hearing about babies and young kids getting caught in the crossfire. What happened to human decency? To treating others how you want to be treated? Let’s speak truth. It may sound simplistic but it’s straight to the point. There’s good in this world and there’s evil in this world. Always has been and always will be.

A little baby at a family cookout, in his stroller got caught in the crossfire. An innocent baby that never stood a chance.

I believe in justice for all! I also believe that when lawlessness is permitted, it spreads. The gangs are believed to be responsible for much of what is happening this week in New York. Is anyone surprised by this? The morale of many Americans is low. So very low. This includes officers. They can’t do their jobs and many at the top have resigned or retired. The police defunding hasn’t even passed yet. It doesn’t have to. The fact that many, especially elected officials lumping all officers into the same box as Derek Chauvin has spoke volumes.

Let me ask you something. What if this was all happening at your front door? In your neighborhood? It’s spreading throughout the country. It could happen. Right now we are safe in our little city, far far away from the fires and hailstorm of gunfire. Do we really want a world without protection? Without justice?

Reform is retraining. Defunding is taking away money which means less bodies on the street. Change needs to come with many things.

I want justice for George Floyd. I want justice for David Dorn. I want justice for Damon Gutzwiller. I want justice for Secoriea Turner. I want justice for Davell Gardner Jr.. I could go on and on.

If we continue to put people in a box and labeling them-we get no where. We self-destruct. We demoralize then we implode. Across the board. Race, religion, profession, political views….and on and on.

There are no easy answers. But the path being taken has been proven to not work. Just ask San Francisco.

2 thoughts on “Demoralize and Implode”

  1. <3 The sad thing is that some people think nothing is wrong with the world. <3
    The "I'm alright Jack" attitude is very damaging.
    Any honest hearted person should see that this world needs to change…goodness and kindness need to not only flourish, but to be the norm!

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