Hall of Shame-the Placement of Covid19 Positive Patients in Nursing Homes While “Slowing” the Spread by Releasing Inmates-Huh?

Within days of each other Cuomo called for the release of 1,100 inmates and he placed Covid positive patients in nursing homes. Think about this for a second please. The reason for the release of inmates was to slow the spread of Covid. So, within days of each other-Cuomo called for the release of inmates to slow the spread of Covid19 but placed Covid19 positive patients into nursing homes. Yes I’m repeating myself but I feel it bears repeating.

Are we catching on?

Wake up! Oh let’s not forget several other states placing Covid positive patients into nursing homes as well! Let’s give credit where credit is due. California, New Jersey, Michigan, Pennsylvania. Shame on you!




11 thoughts on “Hall of Shame-the Placement of Covid19 Positive Patients in Nursing Homes While “Slowing” the Spread by Releasing Inmates-Huh?”

      1. Yes, I believe the agenda stays the same, administration after administration. We are circling the drain towards their goals. Some of us can see the truth, but I believe most people cannot, and do not want to see what’s going on. I’m not scared, and I encourage others to not be scared as well. Their not alone. ❤️

  1. I haven’t read about this much but I wonder what was the reasoning behind putting positive Covid elderly with negatives? And wouldn’t that be illegal like endangerment if the positives weren’t probably protected?

  2. Once again, there’s reasons I left California.

    It gets frustrating too when we lay out facts published by mainstream sources (so they can’t be questioned as biased by the average idjit) and I still get, “well I respect where you’re coming from but I disagree with you”.

    As I’ve said before, some people will refuse to believe at any cost.