Bath time!

Clifford’s first bath with the hose. He no longer smells like a foot!

15 thoughts on “Bath time!”

  1. Haha mine loves the water tries biting sprinklers at the Splash Pad all the time lol

    Same with going to the beach or the lake she never wants to come out.

    Dakota helps me more ways than anyone could possibly know!!!

    It’s like a game of Dog and Treats lmfao



  2. I love it. Look at him! Most dogs don’t like hoses sprayed right on them. Even labs. He is a goof. Well, my dog does try to drink out of the hose if you spray it away from her. Very funny. English shepherds don’t really love water, but all her “friends” are labs and she hates to be left out, so they get her in our river and the lakes. My daughter and son both have black labs like Clifford though not that huge. Is Clifford all lab? My daughter’s is, my sons is mostly lab and I forget what else. They tested her DNA. Funny thing to do. We had a part lab mix when my kids were growing up that was the best dog ever. Still miss her.