The Dream

The streets were filled with people.

Violence all around.

Fires, shootings, anarchy,

silence no where to be found.

Echoes of screams that

was ringing in my ears.

People gathered in masses.

Driven by their fears.

Enemies many were not.

No matter did this make.

Americans killing Americans.

Devastation left in their wake.

I shook and trembled

trying to escape the nightmare I was in.

It just kept playing out

a scenario that no one could ever win.

Blood shed on our streets,

the people grew in masses.

No one hearing anyone.

Dividing up by political classes.

They stood and judged each other

but really never knew.

They had far more in common.

No matter cause the hierarchy told them it’s not true.

So nothing was accomplished.

And anarchy spreading far and wide.

No discussions, or meetings

or trying to understand the other’s side.

Some fueled by rage and some by wage,

they tore each other apart.

Battling one another without

knowing the other’s heart.

I finally awake from my

nightmare in the middle of the night.

Turned on the television just to see

our reality in mid flight.

We’re killing our fellow man.

I could hear the people scream.

Oh dear God if only

it was just a dream.

-Laura Venturini

July 21, 2020

26 thoughts on “The Dream”

  1. The trick is to remember that this isn’t the whole picture; only the worst of everything that the media wants you to see. They’re expoitationist and sensationalist. They’re going to present a handful of protests around the country and make it look like the entire country is burning. Most towns, it’s calm and peaceful with an increased awareness that we all need to do better in how we treat our fellow man.

    In Nashville, there was one weekend of out of control protests. After that, there were “support and reform the police” rallies being held.

    Another example: Remember when you did that post about all the child abductions, and how dangerous so many places were? I broke down the numbers and found that the listings were biased and that doing the math, even in the absolute worst areas, a kid only had something like a 1 in 20,000 chance of being abducted. That’s still an unacceptable number, but it’s not a “send every kid out with an armed escort” like some in the media portray it.

    To quote Snap:

    Don’t believe the hype
    It’s a sequel

    1. No. It’s true. I just went to a Pro Police rally on Sunday, that turned into a riot within about 10 minutes after ANTIFA and BLM showed up. They were burning flags, intimidating people, pushing people down the stairs, stalking them, spitting in the faces, attempting to throw people off the balcony and had they collapsible batons out ready to hit anyone in their way. Our cops and SWAT teams were ordered to stand down by the Police Chief, the Mayor of Denver and our Governor. The local media didn’t even cover it. I have the pictures to prove what happened. Believe me, all this stuff is very real. America needs to WAKE UP, and WAKE UP QUICKLY, before it’s too late.

      1. OK, first, I said it was the exception, NOT that it wasn’t happening. For every Denver, there’s a few hundred towns (if not more) where life goes on as I described.

        Reality ALSO is that Denver is almost as liberal as SF, Berkeley and Seattle. I knew Colorado was heading to hell in a hand basket when they legalized pot. That’s all about dumbing down the population, and thinking they’re going to raise billions for every far left crackpot idea in the legislature.

        You want to stay in that kind of cesspool, you have to be willing to stand up, not wait for others to wake up. Post your pics, get Fox and other right leaning media outlets involved, and get people who were there together to file a class action suit for violation of YOUR civil rights to assemble peacefully and be safe. THAT will get your rulers’ collective attention. It’s what I did to try to straighten out the Sacramento police before I moved.

        Waiting for others to speak up will only lead to the knee-jerk over-reaction that our so called leaders want. One where they can do away with civil liberties in the name of protecting people.

      2. I did. I sent my pictures to a whole bunch of people, I contacted my Senator, and people are suing. It was a disaster. But it is spreading like wild fire all over the country. I will NEVER stop fighting for my country.

      3. Very scary times. My worry is they do not get it under control it is going to spread. Look at NY. They see that lawlessness is going unpunished and now the gangs are out in view killing.

      4. I know, and that’s what really scares me the most. I am going to send all the pictures to Crimestoppers in just a bit. Hopefully they can identify some of these thugs and start prosecuting them.

      5. Good!! I’m glad you’re doing so. This madness must stop. We need to get back control of our cities. Then get the powers that be out that allows such shit to go on!