Perspective is a hell of a Thing

I’ve seen a lot of uplifting posts today. Last night I was scared for someone I love dearly. A very dear friend. My world got a lot smaller. I stopped looking at everything happening everywhere else. The fear I felt at the thought of losing her took over my mind.

I began thinking about what I have. Stopped contemplating what ifs. I’ve always believed in the power of prayer. I find myself praying a lot more these days and for so many things. Last night it was all about my girl. Thankfully she is doing much better. Perspective is a hell of a thing.

We can’t focus only on that which is bad in the world. If we do, it can bury us in darkness. Be the change you want to see in others. Love your people and do so not just with words but with actions.

Many blessings. 💜

10 thoughts on “Perspective is a hell of a Thing”

  1. Well said Laura

    Truly understand all aspects of you that includes the Darkness so many hide and try to run from.

    “Try embracing the Darkness because no matter if you accept it or not its apart of you” E.O.S

    There are times where I see simple selfless convictions that give a sense of hope back into humanity.

    “But like gravity all madness needs is a little push” Joker