Visualize then Actualize

Change is never easy. Even if it is for the better. What I’m seeing across the board is not for the better, it’s for political gain.

How’d we get here? We are well on our way to becoming the Communist USA. I want to ask a question. I want everyone to really think about it. What do you want our country to be? Sounds like a simple enough question. But it’s a bit more complicated than one might think.

Let’s face it, there’s many events playing out before us. Let’s talk a bit about some current issues.


Everyone was impacted by the murder of George Floyd. Everyone, including police officers were in agreement that what took place never should have happened. Then everything turned. I understand when people are upset they need to be able to get that anger out. The police became the natural target. But would things have gotten to where they are now without the help of the media, some power hungry billionaires and politicians? I don’t think so. Its an election year. Remember, never waste a crisis!

They didn’t. At what cost? Do you think these power hungry monsters care about all the lives lost in the process? Not at all. Expendable assets are what we are to them. Pawns in a game where only the “in” crowd stands to win.

Officers forced to stand down while criminals push them, hit them, throw objects at them, stab them, attack law abiding citizens. Look at the state of some of these cities now. They are torn apart with millions of dollars in damage. Businesses that barely survived shutdowns, given the extra burden of trying to thrive amongst Covid19, mayhem in their area, looting, violence, and possible even the threat of being shut down again or already shut down. Please don’t throw the argument, it’s just a business, what’s a business compared to someone’s life? I’ll tell you. What do you think will happen to many people if they lose everything? Depression? Suicide? It could happen. So it is not just a business. Especially when many businesses did not survive the first shut down. That’s a lot of jobs lost and unemployment is at an all time high.

I digress. The public is being forced to hate the police. Forced? Yes, forced. If you stand up for our police, you are belittled, and some have even been terrorized. It’s funny though, many of these elected officials pushing just this and calling to defund or disband the police; use officers to guard them. Hypocrisy at its finest folks! Protection for me but not for thee!


Oh the bottom feeding parasites are enjoying this. Ratings ratings ratings! Plus let’s speak truth, lies lies lies! They’re feeding the public their skewed version of stories and keeping everyone in fear. Most buy into it and continue to watch for fear they’ll miss something. In case you have not figured this out yet-LIARS!

Communist Political Officials

Oh yes, they’re here. Been here. They hate America so much that they will do anything to change us. You know the funny part about this, most of them won’t make the cut in the new regime if they take over. They are puppets. So, they play their part and allow destruction to rain down on their districts. On people they swore to protect. It’s not too hard to spot them. A lot of them anyways. There’s a lot of corruption in politics. From both sides.

The Plague

Crazy that Covid19 came about in an election year. Coincidence? I do not put anything past some of these politicians and their behind the scene billionaire buddies anymore. Why are hospitals being forced to list all deaths as Covid19? How could the CDC screw up test results and Antibody results? Why release inmates to slow the spread but lock up people for opening their businesses? Fear!!! Control! Indoctrination! Chaos!!


Somewhere, somehow our younger generations have been indoctrinated. Look at our streets right now. Fighting to turn us into a Communist society. Why would they believe communism would be a better alternative to freedom? We need to take a closer look at what is being taught in schools and universities. I’m hearing some alarming trends of free thinking professors being fired. Is this what we want? To send our kids to school to learn to follow and not lead? To allow someone to tell them what and how to think?

So, what do I want our country to be? I asked and I answer. Not this. I want us to remain a free country. The issues we have can be worked on. That’s the great thing about America. We are free to talk about issues and work towards betterment of our nation and for our people. Let’s get these officials out of office that hate America. Research all candidates before voting. If you find someone that you know stands for America first, share the information!! It’s time that we the people stand up across the board and free ourselves from these parasites. Clean house! That’s gotta be our priority. Next, we take back our schools. We become active in what is being taught and work to improve the system. If we want to remain a free country then we must work together to stop the indoctrination of our youth. You want to boycott something? How about the news? I have. I won’t contribute towards their wickedness any longer. You want better policing? Pay them what they deserve. Do not defund them. The bad apples have got to go! That’s for certain. But to make sure officers don’t suffer burn out, provide them with resources they need. Stand by them and support them. We don’t have to walk in their shoes. Let’s make sure they have what they need so that their mental health does not deteriorate. As far as the plague-it will go away after the election.

America the free. That’s what I want for our country. Free to choose, to think for ourselves, free to speak out, free to vote for who we want without being bullied. Freedom. Let it ring! If you want something. Visualize it. Then work to Actualize it.

18 thoughts on “Visualize then Actualize”

  1. Sometimes I wonder if this indoctrination is some kind of mass hypnosis.
    Hindsight is always 2020. In years to come these young people will realize they followed the wrong people.
    A trend like in the 60’s. The protesters then turned out very differently. The communal push was strong then before they actually had to work in the real world.
    Who in their right mind would want to defund the police when our enemies from other places are watching for a weakness.

    1. From what I’ve read, communism is being taught in our colleges. Lack of history being taught in schools another issue. When some of these young people are interviewed and asked about history-they’re truly ignorant about what’s what. That’s a major problem. History is not pretty. But it is what it is. It still needs to be part of school’s curriculum. It is funny that many of these kids out creating chaos right now have never had a real job and responsibility in their life and think they’re doing something positive. How can you make change for the better if you are not armed with knowledge?any are not even thinking about enemies abroad. Not even a thought.

      1. Yes lack of history of all the wars fought against communism for democracy. Shocking at no respect for the flag. The U.S. is suddenly losing sovereignty. I’m surprised that they still celebrate the 4th of July. That will probably change in the future . Facebook is sensitive to anything against left ideas in favour of a global society.

  2. Exactly Laura so many are naive and gullible in sense of absolutely disgusting denial!!!

    Continue to drink Kool Aid being spewed by Media from influence of their puppet master

    If President Trump was not the True Leader as Alpha Wolf is there would be no chance in Hell of stopping these scumsuckers and these pathetic cowards of gutless, spineless sheep.

    Socialism does not work it never should be any sign of life or given a heart beat just ask Denmark what Socialism looks like.

    Yet these Cowardice sheep in Democratic administrations stand by idling watch everything burn to the fucking ground well countless innocent are senselessly murder.

    black lives matter = Symbol of Hate period ” Potus

    They are showing their true colours and are Domestic FUCKING TERRORISTS period


    1. Don’t get TOO caught up in blanket “us vs them” thinking. I’ve read enough stories to know that most protestors are peaceful. Then Antifa shows up armed to the teeth and turns everything into a war zone.

      That’s not to say that **some** of the BLM spokespeople and leadership doesn’t disgust me. We just can’t ignore Anitfa, or that the media and politcal powers are playing a huge ‘us vs them’ game to keep everybody at each others’ throats.

      1. Exactly that is whole fuelling agenda being projected by Dem Tards

        The Raw Truth is most of these so called protesters never experienced or even seen what slavery is.

        The Real truth is it’s the Black Community that suppresses the Community

        But they turn around say that we are oppressed but yet you as Community represent 13 % of the Community but account for 40 % of all violent offences.

        Why do you think they are always changing the narrative and afflicting towards others for their agony.



      2. I’ve read a lot on the stats and those of course are different according to who is providing them. Lol! I think it’s time everyone take a look at just what has been done to help everyone in lower income areas (which includes people of all races) that were devastated from years of gangs running the area and never fully recovered. Had many special departments on police forces not done their jobs, those areas would be even worse. Might be right back to bring war zones again now. But what was done to build up these areas besides clearing out major offenders? That’s what citizens need to look at. If one feels oppressed, where’s that coming from? Is it actually belief all people of authority or from different areas are the same and want to hold others down? Or is it because those that have been in office have neglected to build communities up helping individuals see more opportunities are available? I grew up in a very modest home. With both my parents. We had our issues and by no means were rich. I had friends from different areas in our town. Some grew up more rural snd others in the city and some even from what was referred to as the “projects”. Every individual was different. The kids from the projects seemed to be much more advanced in things that looking back, I’d say that kids our age should not be advanced in. So we learn from our communities, our friends, our families. What we see day in and day out is impactful in how we view the world. If we never move from the same place-our view never changes. So I guess I wonder how much of it isn’t about race as it is about circumstances? Which impacts all races but add racism in addition to these circumstances. But no one I know was ever a slave or a slave owner. But I do believe many people are victims of circumstance and environment.

      3. Absolutely Bang on Laura !!!

        They should really stop and ask themselves that logical question….

        There is a clear agenda going on fuelled by Dem Tards

        Yet so many either are blind or naive to see that instead see poor us poor them !!!

        Said before will reiterate again The black Community oppressed the black Community!!!


      4. I read an article about one area I believe in Baltimore and it at one time was overrun with drugs. But area was cleaned up from the dealers, however nothing was ever done to improve the area. It had been years since it got cleaned up. But still the area was so run down. That’s what I don’t understand. All these officials over the years ignore it. Let it stay in ruins while many working several jobs just to survive and can’t get out from it. When are officials going to be held accountable for allowing this? I’m convinced that mandatory town meetings need to become a mandatory for local politicians. To make sure issues are in their face and we see what they do about it. I understand there are budgets but I also know they blow money on many unnecessary things also. They work for us, not the other way around and it’s time for their laid back, take a check willy billy bs is stopped.

      5. Oh I know. Not at all how I mean to come off. Peaceful protestors don’t stand a chance to be heard. I’m all for protesting. Freedom of speech. Stand up and be heard. But Antifa always show up. Gotta wonder how they always know when protests are? I agree with some of the BLM spokespeople being an issue. Hate is hate. Anyone can have hate in them. Being that these are the individuals most see represent the organization is reason a lot of people distrusts the organization. The more I learn and longer this goes on the more I believe that all are being used as a the front in a war being waged by greedy billionaires trying to create a new world order, trusting they are on same page but they are being deceived. Yes they are playing a game to divide and conquer. Lenin collaborated and gained support from one group and once they served their purpose-disposed of them and moved on to the next “phase” of his plan. Everyone is a puppet and some that think all are on the same page are being set up. On my FB blog page-I have people that share very different opinions on who is at fault for everything. I don’t attack anyone expressing opinion on Trump. My page is a place where anyone can s as peak freely on how they feel. I have watched same story play out differently in different news channels (before I stopped watching news). So I know they play to different political views. I know articles in papers do the same. That’s why I began investigating things from years ago. About all major players in the US and the world. So many rabbit holes. What I see happening now and with knowledge gained from research has been illuminating. I always knew system was corrupt. But not to this extreme. I don’t condemn anyone for their views as I see there are reasons for it. I blame media, political powers and media as well as billionaires behind the scenes for the division. They’ve been working to destroy democracy for a very long time and unfortunately many of us are just waking up and realizing the process has been happening right before our eyes bit by bit.

    2. There’s no denying what we are seeing in these democratic run cities and states. I saw a video of some Chicago residents being interviewed on what’s happening. They’re not happy with their mayor and are welcoming “troops” coming in to clean up the city. They’re scared to go out to even go to the store. All law abiding citizens have been put in the middle of a political play for votes. They let criminals run streets and then ask for federal money to rebuild all the while condemning police yet using them for their own protection. It’s unbelievable.

      1. President Trump was Hannity show on Fox and said he was in contact with Mayor Lightfoot and said he could help her she decline yet countless innocent kids youngest I heard is 6 What The Fuck!!!!

        Enough is Fucking Enough !!!!

      2. Yeah she is incapable of doing her job. All have been offered help and refuse and stand by allowing law abiding citizens to be held captive by all of it. It’s just insane. Many citizens speaking up and want help. I cannot imagine what it’s like to live in these areas.

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