The Wake

Violence on the streets
Governors and mayors allowed it to be so.
Chaos has taken over.
How much further will this go?

Now they cry out.
Now they supposedly see.
But it seems a bit late.
At least it does to me.

You were given positions of power.
Entrusted with our rights.
But you turned the other cheek,
left us here to fight your fights.

You created this mess.
Those behind bars set free.
Then stand dumbfounded as
they destroy everything, oh yes I do see!

You made this bed we lie in.
You allowed it to come to pass.
Then seek help from those
you previously told to kiss your ass.

Taxpayers flip the bill
for the protection that you use.
Protection for me but not for thee
Your rationale is beyond obtuse!

We see behind your rhetoric
and your words don’t mean a thing.
You set them up to watch them fall
then act surprised by what it did bring.

A tiny little thread
you pulled at it with all your might.
Now you’ll reap just what you sowed
How do you sleep at night?

Using all our concerns at hand
they play us very well.
Evil walks amongst us.
Creating an earthly hell.

I’m tired of seeing the news.
The wicked that men do.
To think so many still don’t understand
it’ll be their undoing too.

When nothing is left to burn.
A ghost town left in the wake.
Do you think destructors
care about the damage that they make?

So here we are,
most no wiser for our wear.
Praying people finally see the
true faces of who got us there.

-LA Vent 2020

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