Be the Change-Race Baiting

Why do people explain themselves before speaking on Kamala Harris? We already know how it all works right now. If you speak up about anyone on the left, you’re labeled racist. Hell Tucker Carlson mispronounced her name and CNN jumped on that. Oh he is racist -mispronounced Kamala’s name! C’mon. Then Tucker addresses it on his show and took the opportunity and played a video of Joe Biden pronouncing her name exactly as he had.

Stop freaking race baiting. Just stop! You damn career politicians have pinned the people against one another. You sit guarded in your mansions, then speak on things that would never impact you directly. You pull the strings, the networks play the tune and we dance like puppets. I don’t think so. I see you. Clearly.

Politicians and “news” analyst have always spoke on the negatives and positives of candidates. You run for office and that’s just how it is.

This is still America and as long as hate is not driving your content, you should speak freely and not fear persecution for it. If you know your heart, speak your mind.

In closing, if we want to make the world a better place, if we want change-then we start with ourselves. When I started my blog, much of what I wrote about unknowingly was part of healing after my divorce. I never thought I’d end up writing so much about politics. But here I am. That’s my change for myself. To provide information and work to bring together not drive people apart. To speak up for our freedom and Bill of Rights. To speak up for children. To speak up against injustice. To inform. You want change? Be the change.





10 thoughts on “Be the Change-Race Baiting”

  1. Here is my prediction: Trump is going to win in a landslide. People don’t like or trust Biden, AND he is in advanced stages of dementia. So whoever he picked would end up being the President anyway. People don’t like Harris. When she was running her own Presidential campaign, she only garnered 2% support at best. So now you have 2 people on the ticket that people DON’T like, plus all the damage, violence and carnage that has been taking place all over the country and the Left has allowed, and Americans are sick and tired of all this crap. Trump is going to win in a landslide. It will be embarrassing for both Biden and Harris.

  2. Heh, nobody has the courage to even like this thus far. So the race baiting is working… on the surface. Obama and his SJW twitter followers used it to great success though, so I’m not remotely surprised. The reason you’re seeing it is the race is closer that the media is admitting, so it’s ANY dirty trick to prevent the evil orange man from winning.

    The really sad part is that Harris doesn’t really need to resort to this garbage. When I lived in California and she was Attorney General, I was leery of her just because she was a CA Dem, BUT she was a very moderate AG. She was tough on repeat offenders, etc… while still pushing for social ideas to reform early offenders, keep kids out of gangs, etc… As soon as she got to the national stage though, she went off the Nancy Pelosi deep end, including race baiting her opponent and critics in the Senate election. She’s power hungry, BIG time. THAT bothers me. Her skin tone means nothing to me.

    Let’s see how rigged the system really is though. Here’s Cassandra’s prediction:

    Race baiting continues, both sides run UGLY campaigns. Trump wins with just enough margin for the Left to scream rigged election, but enough where his diehards say it was a clear win. Harris will be part of the reason Biden loses. There are alot of Dems that don’t like her because she was hard on career criminals as AG, or that she took AOC’s “rightful” place on the ticket, etc… Conservatives will be angry that they can’t even discuss Harris’s polices without being called racist, so they’ll turn out in large numbers also. Biden and Harris spend the next three years at least whipping the public and BLM into a frenzy over the racist, sexist election results (ala Hillary) and antifa is there to take advantage of it all. There WILL be riots following the election. End result is the government cracks down on it all and we move closer to a police state.

    Cassandra the prophetess has spoken, lol. Beware of politicians bearing campaigns.

    1. I think the prediction is spot on!! I’m not a fan of her flip flopping on where she stands. She’s gone after Joe on bussing and crime bill. But doesn’t hesitate to stand with him. Well, likely because he won’t be part of the picture long. I noticed nobody was liking this post immediately. But it’s truth. I’m not scared of the word racist. I know me. I’m good! 🙌🏻

      1. Yep, I’ve heard it for ages working in the poor areas of Atlanta and then everywhere returning to CA. Constant calls of racism only tell people that one lacks the intellect to defend their position on an honest level.

        What’s even worse is it cheapens the whole concept and makes it harder for the general public to listen when real racism is found. It definitely does exist, and I have no sympathy for racists either. They should be tarred and feathered. Harris, and Obama both… I’m perfectly capable of disliking their policies and not giving a damned what color they are. Hell, I suspect Obama’s actually a pretty nice guy on a personal level if you can get past the politics.

      2. Exactly!! There’s a difference speaking about someone that happens to be of a different race than it is to speak about them because of race. It’s just to shut everyone down. Silent people. It most certainly takes away from true racism. I’m with ya! Tar and feather racists!!

      3. ❤️❤️❤️ I’m tired. Tired of people of all races categorizing others. There’s hate everywhere right now. I know there’s bad in this world. But how can we fix the issues if we allow division? I’m taking a break from it all this weekend. I have to break every couple days to take care of me. It all weighs so heavily on my heart and soul.