AI-the Future of Law Enforcement

Is this really so hard to see unfolding? In 2017, Forbes published an article on just this. Crimes have been solved using technology we carry with us daily. It’s hard to lie about your whereabouts when your phone or FitBit knows the truth.

Body cameras are the norm. Some squad cars are even equipped with GPS projectiles that can be shot via remote.

Here’s where it gets very Tom Cruise-Minority Reportish. Several agencies have dabbled in predictive policing. Say what? You read that right. The HART system used in England classifies individuals and ranks them by probability to commit another crime in the future. Though the system has a high frequency of getting it right, there are studies that show algorithms and predictive software tools flag minorities as high risk twice as much as white defendants.

In Dubai, by 2030 the plan is to have 25% of the police force made up of….robo cops. One robo cop as of 2017 was already in use. Now it’s not like in the movie. It’s really a surveillance system.

All this technology at the touch of our fingertips. I especially find the robo cop interesting. But I also find it disturbing. Where’s this going? That’s what worries me. I’m also concerned with predictive policing. People can turn over a new leaf. Do we really want to convict people on probabilities? Sure it could save lives but it could take lives also. Something else to think about, if this is allowed, where’s that line going to be drawn?

Just because we have the capabilities to make something come to be, does not mean that we should. I dunno. Maybe I’ve watched too many movies where the computers take over. But at the same time, we seem to be moving towards new horizons that mirror what we see on the big screen. I guess only time will tell.

4 thoughts on “AI-the Future of Law Enforcement”

  1. This goes along with the big push for 5G.

    5G is a multifaceted deal.. it powers these technologies you’ve talked about and also pushes a higher radiation rate in which you’ll see more people get sick and we know where that’ll go.

      1. lol!! I recently read posts about the goodness and benefits of GMO’s…