Massachusetts’ Senate; O’Connor and Markey Political Ads

I thought I’d start sharing ads for different races throughout the country. Knowledge is power. If you want to know more I encourage you to research candidates-always!


Just the Facts-Kevin O’Connor

Kevin is an attorney. His father was a reporter and his mother a school teacher. He wants to get term limits passed. A leader in the Massachusetts legal community for over 30 years. He is on the Boston’s Bar Foundation and the 2020 co-chair of the BFF’s John and Abigail Williams Ball. The largest event for legal aid funding.

Commentary- A newbie.

Massachusetts – D

Just the Facts-Between the house and the senate Markey has served more than four decades.

Chair of the House Select Committee on Energy Dependence and the Green New Deal.

Just sarcasm-After four decades it’s time to start asking what the country can do for you?