Heal the World-It Starts with You! Be the Change.

I am not equipped to do many things. All men and women have skills. These skills are not always ones achieved from school. Sometimes we find out we have a gift or a skill in the most unlikely circumstances. Sometimes we find out we lack certain skills in the most unlikely circumstances also.

That being said, everyone knows where I stand on defunding the police. I’m against it. That does not mean that I feel all officers belong in that field. I know due to things I’ve experienced, I could never be a police officer. I would panic in certain circumstances. I already know this. Because all I have to do is read certain situations and feel panicked.

I feel for our officers. It’s not an easy position and the situations they find theirselves in can be extremely dangerous ones. One decision can cost them their lives or their partners life or a citizen’s life. No one really knows until faced with an extraordinary circumstance just how they will act.

I recently watched a video of a Trump Rally where a group of BLM protestors attended. The organizer of the Rally handed the mic over to the organizer of this group of BLM protestors. When this gentleman spoke, he spoke to many things the Trump supporters believe. He spoke of his faith and the bill of rights. One man yelled out-“all lives matter!” To which he responded-“yes all lives do matter, but more times than not when a white person is killed-justice is served.” This gentleman also said, “we don’t want the police defunded. We just want the bad ones out.” By the end of his speech, both groups stood around talking. TALKING.

Yes, there’s radicals to the left and to the right. There are also people just screaming to be heard. People are scared right now. For many reasons. We need those seeking to destroy others-to stop! Those using tragedy as political platforms-to stop! We need those using tragedies as an excuse to spread hate-to stop! We need to stop assuming and start listening. We need to recognize the media has fed the separation.

In closing, when people come together to talk, much can be accomplished. When we destroy others, we destroys ourselves. If you want to make the world a better place, it starts with you.

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