Food For Thought-Be Careful of Those that Protest Too Much!

I’ve watched a lot of videos of so called peaceful “protests”. Most are a lot of white people inciting violence, burning the American flag, vandalizing buildings, setting fire to buildings including occupied ones. Most recent one -the group brought out a guillotine and decapitated teddy bears.

In one video a white man screams racial slurs at a black cop while everyone just stood there. Not a word was said. But he is fighting for black lives? No he is not. He is a bored, spoiled rotten young adult that thinks he is really accomplishing something. Oh he is. He is showing the world his true self. Many of these individuals are.

Don’t scream for justice and equality while in the same breath using racial slurs. Don’t speak about peace and love while calling for the blood of Trump supporters. Don’t talk about free speech when you attack anyone that does not follow your playbook to the t.

In the meantime, the people trying to be heard have been drowned out by the mayhem. Nothing is being accomplished. Why would it? Not when the Democrats have until now given the green light to it all. Including bailing rioters out. Now they’re worried that polls show Trump’s approval rating has skyrocketed. Doh! New strategy!

What I see is a lot of hypocrites using tragedy to create havoc and I do not doubt that receiving a paycheck is just a bonus. These are not the real protestors. These are not the real people scared and wanting to make changes for the better. These are assholes plain and simple. Kids that should have been given less materially and more love and more discipline growing up.

I am so thoroughly disgusted by it all. When are we the people going to hold these elected officials accountable? They’re responsible for the deaths of many. For what? Then stand there and point the finger at Trump. How long has Biden had to do right? Did he help with his crime bill? How long has Pelosi had to bring about positive change? C’mon! You know why they must destroy him and his followers? Because he is not one of them. He’s trying like hell to clean up the shit show they’ve made over the years. He has had to battle one lie after another. One accusation after another. It’s funny, he was an alright guy to hang with until he ran for office.

What do animals do when threatened? They attack. He is a threat to these career politicians that have gotten rich at our expense. He knows everything they’ve been up to. They need him out or watch their worlds crash and burn. Hence the riots. They’d rather create one crisis after another and watch innocent lives lost than face the consequences of their acts.

Antifa is not the only ones that protest too much. We got a hell of a lot of elected officials right there with them. It’s just sad that true issues cannot be addressed. They won’t be. They’ll be used to manipulate us all but never truly addressed. What makes America great is its people. Mostly anyways. It sure as hell is not because of the politicians.

9 thoughts on “Food For Thought-Be Careful of Those that Protest Too Much!”

  1. Excellent job, Laura. Because I have an [essential] job, I haven’t stopped working this year. We were downtown [Denver] when the riots first began here in Denver. I’ve seen them close up, and protesting has taken a back seat to looting. There hasn’t been even one peaceful protest here in Denver, only rioting, looting, and violence. It’s thoroughly disgusting!

    It’s nice to see a writer posting the truth! Thank You!

      1. In all actuality, it is democracy. Democracy at heart is mob rule. We as Americans really don’t understand who/what the mob is. Democracy is the same system that released Barrabas and crucified Jesus.

        We do not understand that we are a constitutional republic. Democracy has clouded everything.