Milk, it Does a Body Good!! Clifford the Really Big Dog!

I knew my baby would grow to be a big dog. But damn! It’s amazing that this is in just nine months time!

I did start him in doggie daycare a few weeks back. He attends 1-2x a week. From all reports, he is loving it and being a really good boy. He loves everyone and everyone loves him.

On his birthday, I took him to pick out a toy. While leaving the store a little girl walked in with her family. She was excited about Clifford. My baby, inched his way towards her gingerly. Then he sweetly gave her a kiss and backed away. He is in a different mode with kids. He knows he must act like a gentleman. But when he is at daycare, he gets to let loose! As you can see!

Who knew this pup would add so much life to my home? Clifford has grown quite a bit but he is still my baby.

18 thoughts on “Milk, it Does a Body Good!! Clifford the Really Big Dog!”

  1. Reminds me of my Chocolate Tank

    Never a dull moment ! she means the world to me help in more ways then most could possibly imagine.

    She never strays far from like my Guardian Keeper she watches over me as I lay to rest.