Clifford Speaks-Give it to Me, I’m Worth It!! Beef Jerky Time!

So I hear what I thought was Kristine Jessica Macaluso in the kitchen. Good thing I got up to check!

Paws off my Teriyaki jerky son!

5 thoughts on “Clifford Speaks-Give it to Me, I’m Worth It!! Beef Jerky Time!”

  1. Too funny

    Mine you tell her no and she is a creeper across the floor

    Looks at me thinking I am going to give her me Supper fat chance Dakota you spoil brat!!!

    You get let’s see Frozen Mango her favourite and Banana
    Frozen Mix Berries
    Sweet potatoes

    Yet you know Chocolate Tank you get all well maybe not all but most in your food bark face lol

    I feed her Acana basically 5 star gourmet for Dogs she eats better than some humans do!!!

    Everything is fresh locally sourced no added water or frozen materials

    If your interested in know more I can give you the link Laura



    1. Clifford loves almost anything. He loves fruit and some veggies. Loves carrots. Yes, send me the link. I feed him Iams large breed puppy food. Gonna check when I should transition to adult formula. As I’m sure he has a bit of growing left but not much.

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