How Fighting to Save Children from Human Trafficking Transformed a former CIA/Homeland Security Agent’s Life, Sometimes There’s a Happy Ending

Tim Ballard is the founder/CEO of O.U.R. Which rescues and rehabilitates children that have been trafficked. The Sound of Freedom, an upcoming featured film is about his life.

Tim’s team came across an illegal orphanage which was selling children at 15,000 each. The orphanage was shut down thanks to Tim and his team. All the children were placed in a reputable orphanage in Haiti. But Tim could not get a brother and sister off of his mind. While undercover, Tim purchased the siblings in the sting operation.

Ages 2 and 3, Colin and Coline. Tim and his wife made the decision to adopt both children. Adding to their large family. It took several years to get through all the red tape. Finally, after four years in 2018, the Ballard’s were told they could pick up their children.

It’s a pretty amazing story. Who knows where these two kids would have ended up if this man and his team had not infiltrated the “orphanage”. Yes, a happy ending for two beautiful children. Let’s continue to educate the world on trafficking. So that Tim and others like him can continue to shut traffickers down and give the world’s children a chance to know what peace and unconditional love really is.

How Operation Underground Railroad Helped Complete Tim Ballard’s Family

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