Operation Toussaint, Saving Victims of Human Trafficking

What if it was your child? What if someone came in the night and stole your child? What would you do?

These victims are our children. So many parents out there are walking into an empty bedroom. They can’t tuck their child in anymore.

Modern day slavery. Yes, it exists. Human trafficking, yes it exists. We can no longer turn away and act like this is not happening.

The United States is the #1 reason human trafficking is so profitable. The pornography is no longer quenching the thirst of these deviants. But trafficking is not happening just in the United States. It’s worldwide. It’s not just about sex either. Some victims are used for organ harvesting. This is like a nightmare that we cannot wake from. But it is not a nightmare. It is reality.

Over 32 billion is generated yearly in the United States from human trafficking. Over 150 billion worldwide.

We can no longer close our eyes to this. Stand up! Speak out!



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