Missing-Sean Garrett Update

Please pray for this family. They’ll be heading to SC to see what they can find out. The police are no help as Sean is homeless.

Here’s latest-

UPDATE ON Sean Garrett
We finally spoke to the person who called here a few weeks ago from South Carolina but did not say anything. We have been calling this phone for weeks but no one would call us back until we dig up some information on this person and left a voicemail telling them we know where they work and some other things about them. The man phoned back and cussed us. He screamed and yelled for at least three minutes telling us he did not know ourf**king brother he is lying because we were able to find information that he was ones on Sean‘s Facebook but he is denying knowing Sean. This is turning into a nightmare. We finally have someone who is going to go on Saturday to a storage unit Sean kept his things in. We are praying to God that he’s not in that storage unit.
I spoke again with a couple of people that were in contact with him in July and they said they have not seen or heard from him yet to this day. Everyone is now very worried because they know no matter what he would call and check on how my treatment is going.
In July he was in a very depressed state because of some things that were going on down there that I was trying to help him get straightened out. That’s what scares me so badly is that he felt he had nothing left to do but to harm himself. Please God, don’t let that be.

Hopefully on Saturday we will have some answers. I will keep everyone updated on the situation. Please pray that he is ok. 😢

To answer everyone’s questions as to if I have called the police yes, I did weeks ago and because he’s homeless they would not do anything. Honestly what they told me that it’s not a crime if a person does Not want to contact their family. We tried to explain that this is not the case in this situation and they still would not do anything because he’s homeless and they said there was not a starting point for them. That was the first thing I did when we realized that he’s missing.