2 thoughts on “Scars”

  1. Beautiful Laura hope all is well and Clifford not driving you too batty lol
    Here is fragment from lyrics I wrote let me know what you think !

    Mapping Stars through the Fires

    Lately I’ve been stumbling to just get my feet out the door my head is spinning into a state of chaos when will this insanity stop

    When life used to have a joyful purpose for me with you by my side we will go for late cruises sitting in the back of my truck with our feet hanging over the edge as we are mapping the stars hearing the fires crackling in the dark of night

    Chorus: Many nights I lie awake at night in the solace of the dark thinking how did I get to this point I’m at why did you have to leave me so lost and empty handed watching the stars all on my own

    And the link is finished lyrics I laced as you know I was thrashed inside the gates of hell so one the ways I would escaped from my fucked up sense reality I would laced lyrics and do free style something I have done since I was 12.


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