Accountability, Epiphanies and Healing

Yup not a one of us is perfect. We haven’t made it to this age without some baggage. We have strengths. We have weaknesses. I’ve come to realize that healing is very personal. It’s not something another can do for you. Yes, we can love someone through their grief and while they heal. But another person cannot heal you. It’s intimate. Only person that really knows what is creating pain for someone, is that individual. Most people ignore the things that cause their pain. Some mask the pain with drugs or alcohol. I’ve watched this first hand. The thing about individuals that have wounds that bleed, they will bleed out on those closest to them. Hurt people, hurt people.

When individuals do not heal from things that hurt them deeply, they can end up consumed by darkness. This doesn’t make them bad people. But it makes them toxic. They never healed that pain. They allowed bitterness to consume them until they became a different person. The heart is still intact but it’s burdened.

It is not unusual for a person that has been hurt terribly to end up hurting others. It isn’t their intent. It just is.

Then we have individuals that want to heal. There’s something in them that is unhealed that attracts them to “wounded” individuals. It’s an actual term-broken bird syndrome.

We have a lot going on in the world right now. Then there’s everyday life. Heartaches, loss, divorce. You name it. People are just trying to get through the day a lot of the time. So most don’t take the time needed to address the pain that is there. But there will be a day for most people when life smacks you awake and you are forced to deal with your demons. Healing is having an epiphany. When you recognize the role you’ve played in your own pain, you’ve leveled up. You take accountability for yourself. You stop trying to heal others and recognize that you must heal yourself. It’s a very important moment. It’s the moment you say, I choose me. And that’s a beautiful thing.

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