Be thankful

Why do we wait for Thanksgiving to find things to be grateful for? This should be our mindset. Year-round. I know that it can be easier said than done at times. Everyone will have bad days. Sometimes bad days turn into months or even years. This is life. It has its ups and downs.

I truly believe that no matter what we have going on, there are always things before us to be grateful for. Always.

If you have a roof over your head, food to eat, the ability to work, people that love you and would fight for you, the ability to create, the ability to see the clouds, to hear the birds, to feel love, then you have the ability to always give thanks.

No matter what you may have going on, look at what you have and smile and give thanks.

Happy Thanksgiving!




I can, I will

Currently I’m having a bout with pain. It’s been going since last Thursday. Usually a trip to the chiropractor takes care of this type of pain. Unfortunately the swelling from arthritis prevented adjustment from “sticking”.

I can handle my day to day pain. This here is a bit harder. When holding your own head up causes pain-that’s not good. When holding arm out to do simple tasks sends sharp pains into shoulder and neck-that’s not good. I am on steroids currently to help swelling go down. I take my 2nd daily dose this afternoon. I have had to deal with this type of pain for years.

I’m grateful that every day is not like this. I’m positive the weather change is the cause this time. I have been known to cause myself more pain by doing things that I probably should avoid. No I don’t go skydiving or anything like that. But I overdo it some days. I have had to get very real with myself about what I can and what I can’t do. I cannot allow the former athlete to take over. I’m not that girl anymore. I have become very comfortable with saying no to plans. I recognize when I need to rest. I know what exercises help me and which ones to avoid. I have learned to listen to my body.

It wasn’t easy at first. It took years for me to accept that I would never be the person I was prior to my accident. It was a learning experience. It was most difficult for me to stop looking at what I lost. But over time I started focusing on what I could still do. None of us are as we once were. These changes happen to us all. I just had this change happen at a young age and overnight.

I have found some things to be therapeutic when I’m in pain:

1. My sense of humor. I try my hardest despite the pain to seek out things that make me laugh. I joke about myself and my issues as well.

2. Silver linings-always always look for them. They are there. Right now, my silver lining is knowing that this type of pain is not a frequent occurrence and it will not last.

3. Music-music is an escape. It takes you away from the here and now. It soothes the soul.

4. Acceptance-it is what it is type attitude. Make the best of it. Let your body heal. Do what you need to do to care for yourself.

I can and I will feel better. I can and I will be back amongst the living soon. I can, I will be alright. I can and I will relish every second of the things that I enjoy. I can and I will set reasonable goals for myself and achieve them. I can, I will.








Adjust your mindset

I am a believer! I have seen first hand the benefits of regular visits to a qualified chiropractor. My chiropractor has made it possible for me to stop other types of treatments for pain. No more nerve blocks. No more trigger point injections.

If you suffer from pain, you have to understand that results are not immediate. Chances are you’ve been living for years unaligned. Your body has adjusted to living that way. So you have to know it’s not going to be the most pleasant experience at first. Don’t give up. Give it a chance and time and you will see the difference.


Pen to paper

When I was young, I would write short stories, songs and poetry; hoping that one day I would become a published author. I still write short stories, songs and poetry but I no longer care about being published. I just want to write. When I put my thoughts down, I get a feeling of peace that comes over me. I get lost in the process, in the words, in the story.

I write for me. Sometimes I write letting my imagination lead the way. Mostly though, I write about things I have experienced. I can take things that I find difficult for me to speak out loud and put them down on paper. If anything I put down on paper resonates with others or helps others then that is a bonus.

I have wanted to start a blog for some time. I did so last year. Where this blog will go, what it will become-only time will tell. The important thing is; I am writing again.


What if you had to put a puzzle together without a picture, would you be able to? It would take a bit longer but it can be done.

Now what if 1/2 of the puzzle’s picture was torn from the box? A bit easier than no picture at all. You can get a pretty good idea what it should look like as a whole by looking at what is in front of you. You would think so anyway.

Then you start to piece the puzzle together. Working outside in. Things start coming together. The picture is looking mostly the way you envisioned it would. Mostly. You continue, one piece then the next. Piece by piece. The final puzzle piece. Finally! You place it triumphantly in its place. But something is off.

You stand back and look at the complete picture. That one piece changed the entire picture. It changed everything you thought you were looking at. Everything. It’s funny how that happens.