Teen that Makes Teddy Bears for Children of Fallen Soldiers Receiving Death Threats

This is what the world has come to. Someone posted some time back, you’re going to have to make a choice. At first I interpreted that to mean between black lives or blue lives. Now I interpret it to mean between good and evil.

There’s good people in this world. Good people of every color, religion, sex. There’s bad also. This isn’t black vs white. This is right vs wrong. There’s a lot of great officers out there also. I don’t know if you’ve seen some of the footage of what they’re going through each day. I have. If someone was constantly taunting me, in my face screaming, hitting me-you best believe I’d hit back.

I support all people who want to make the world a better place. I can’t support hate. As angry as I am at what I’m seeing, I don’t hate these people that are killing or hurting others. I hate what they represent and their actions. I’m not letting their ugly corrupt me. Instead I’ll pray for them and for real justice.

This right here is why a lot of people say all lives matter. Because many of us saw the writing on the wall. It isn’t that we do not believe that black lives matter. It’s because we do not support an organization funded by the likes of George Soros and that promotes marxism at any cost.


An Oregon County Exempts Non Whites From Wearing Face Masks, Mandates Whites Must Wear Face Masks

I’m just at a loss once again. The reasons given to exempt non-whites is to prevent racial profiling.

I have nothing else to say, read for yourselves.


Jesus is Under Attack

Awake yet? Do we now see that there are factions among us that do not want to come together? There’s no debate. There’s no compromise. These factions do not want peace. They want anarchy.

The original cause was hijacked a long time ago. By many and for their own self serving deluded reasons. It’s our wake up call!

It’s time everyone comes together who believes in God and take a stand! Our world is being torn apart. This isn’t a black/white issue. It’s good vs evil, plain and simple. If you don’t believe that’s the truth, look around!

The Cold Case of the Tiger Lady

It has been almost 20 years and the police are still looking for information to solve a murder. The teenager who became known as Tiger Lady, was found on a rural highway in Knowlton Township, New Jersey.

The police are trying to bring attention to a case that grew cold a long time ago. Anyone with information is asked to contact the New Jersey State Police Missing Persons Division at (609)882-2000, ext. 2857.


Perception, Conspiracy Theorists or Teller of Common Sense

He has been labeled a conspiracy theorist. If more than one person questions a narrative they are labeled a conspiracy theorists. Yes, I’m aware there are some theories out there that are way out there.

This man, David Icke speaks about why people view things as they do. From childhood at home to universities and their professors. He actually speaks common sense. From journalism to problem/action solutions.

His interviewer asks, why are people willing to believe a blatant lie. people don’t want to accept those in charge would ever do anything to hurt them. It’s a self defense mechanism. We seek the information that fits our perception download.

Why are globalists in high gear now? Because there comes a point where the hidden has become the seen. Globalists are aware that people are catching on and still trying to adjust to what is happening. I’d say he is right.

Watch now before it is deleted.

Section 230 of the Telecommunications Act of 1996 and Abuse of Power

The Telecommunications Act of 1996 was the first major overhaul of telecommunications in decades. This act allowed anyone to enter into the communications business, competing in any market.

This act affected consumers as well as playing a major role in the balance of political power. Immediately after this act was passed there were major mergers and acquisitions which impacted the integrity of the news reported to the consumers.

Today we are seeing the impact of this act passing more than ever. With a handful of corporations controlling the news conglomerates. Is it any wonder they are biased with what they report?

Section 230 has recently come under fire of the Telecommunications Act. As it should. It definitely inspires bipartisan antipathy.

Section 230 shields platforms from liability stemming from third party content on their sites. This protects Google, Facebook, Twitter and YouTube, to name a few from third party content. By exempting these platforms.

This is currently a major topic as President Trump has signed an executive order in May to remove their protective shield if they show bias in their censorship. Many critics feel that Google should no longer benefit from this protection if it cannot itself extend protection to other sites such as its recent attack on the Federalist.

Google warned (bullied) the Federalist over its ad platform. Google had already banned right leaning ZeroHedge over its ad content preventing it from earning revenue. It has warned the Federalist that the same fate awaits them if they do not change their ad content.

The premise for this is that the ads promote hate. But then the story took a turn once the Little Boy who Cried Wolf from NBC changed his tune. Of course this turn was not broadcasted as loudly as initial claim. It wasn’t about the ads. It was about the comment sections on each site. Well…which is it? I guess we will never know the truth. But comment sections have allegedly been removed from these sites.

Today we see articles, comments, videos being banned deleted or marked as false with much regularity. Once freedom of thought is gone, all freedom is lost. Hate is being used to drive changes on many levels in this country. But the truth is, it has nothing to do with hate. It is all about power. A majority of these companies owning telecommunication networks are far left. They’ve gotten really good at promoting their agenda of the right all being racist. If you do not agree 100% with the far left, you’re labeled. If you point out that Soros is a major contributor to the Black Lives Organization, you are a racist. If you speak up for yourself, you are a racist. If you question the agenda of self proclaimed trained marxists running Black Lives Matter, you are a racist.

The world thought we were better off connected at one time. The news came into our homes and kept us informed of happenings around the world. Or so we thought. What we have is abuse of power. In an age of cyber bullying, it seems to me that these major corporations are the biggest bullies on the playground.




Reforming section 230 of the Communications Decency Act


Berlin Authorities Placed Homeless Children with Pedophiles for over Thirty Years; the Kentler Project

I thought I read the title wrong. I had to read it again. As I read the article, I felt sick. I’m at a complete loss. These poor kids.

The experiment was called, the “Kentler Project”. The experiment began in 1970. Homeless children were placed in homes with pedophiles. The experiment went on over 30 years.

Kentler believed that sexual contact between children and adults was harmless. Obviously! After Kentler’s death, children started coming forward telling their story. Interviewers, welfare and the the Senate found that the group involved all accepted, supported and defended pedophilia.

The first report on this was in 2016. Berlin authorities have promised to shed light on this experiment.

What a world we live in.

Reform-Defund-Disband-Careful What You Push For

It seems to me that this needs to be clarified for some.

Reform is when training and response methods are looked at and changes made.

Defund is taking money away which will cut many jobs. You do not get to choose which jobs or task force. Higher ups make that decision.

Disband means shutting down a police force entirely.

If you’re going to protest, you should know what you mean. I’m going to voice my opinion on this. Do I feel there is room for improvement? Do I feel there are standard protocols that can be looked at and work done on improving some methods? Do I think more specialty training for real life situations is needed? Yes yes yes! I want our officers to be safe but I want our public to be as well. Not everyone is going to get just what they want.

Look if you are not an officer or ever have been one, there’s going to be many things that you will not see or understand. There are some structures set up for their protection. We gotta consider everyone here.

Now onto defunding. You say you want things to change. You want more training for officers. How? If defunded, they lose money which leaves less for positions let alone training. If anything they need more money so that they can train and work on restructuring of some standard protocols.

Also do you even realize what defunding will mean? More crime. Less officers on the street to fight crime. Less lab workers to solve crimes. Crime rates growing and less officers to keep it contained. It’s common sense.

How about disbanding….how can I put this? First go back and read defunding. Now imagine no one there to help. You’re on your own. How do I put this? Are you f&@#ing crazy?

To the officials caving on defunding or disbanding. You’re not doing so because it’s right thing to do. You’re doing so for votes. You’ll get re-elected and change your tune real quick. Shame ON YOU! You’re main interest is not for the people. It’s to use the situation for your benefit.

“Anti-Facists” Protestor uses nothing but quotes from Hitler

I literally feel sick at my stomach. This video is from 2017. A group of people are protesting against Trump. I get it, a lot of people do not like Trump. That’s your right. But if you are fighting against fascism and use Hitler as your inspiration, I’d say you either do not know what fascism is or you’re trying to lead people astray.

Using Hitler to inspire people against fascism. Not just one quote. Almost entire speech is made up of Hitler quotes. I don’t think I could be any more disgusted than I am right now.


I love our country. I love our freedom. We have miles to go though. Miles to go. We need to strive to be better. As individuals and a nation. We need to make sure all Americans are treated equally through communication, justice and reform. You may not like some (or all) of what I say on my blog. You don’t have to agree. That is your right. As it is my right to express myself. At least for now.

Just know that all my time researching, all my time working on my posts is not just for me. It is for you too. I speak up for justice. I speak up for freedom. I speak up for equality. I speak up for all.

Our country is at a crossroads. My prayer is that when the smoke clears we are all wiser for it. Miles to go.

Many blessings!