Dreams and the Subconscious

I’ve always been fascinated with the interpretation of dreams. I do believe that a lot of what we dream is our subconscious trying to work through things. But not all dreams.

I dreamt once that I had sex with Arnold Schwarzenegger. After we finished, he got up to go to the bathroom and turns to me and says, “I’ll be back.”

I have never crushed on Arnold. I will admit that I love his movies though. So why did I have such a dream? Spicy food? Could be. It’s more likely that I just watched one of his movies.

A lot of psychologist poo poo the idea that media can influence dreams. I’m not sure I understand why that is. Yes, I feel a lot of dreams are the subconscious speaking to us. But I do feel what we watch and read can influence dreams as well.

Then there’s the really strange dreams that make absolutely no sense at all. What do the psychologists say about those? Spicy food?

How about the superstition of dreaming about falling? You know, if you land, you die. Not true. I’ve dreamt this a few times and hit the ground. Here I am!

I don’t have all the answers about the meaning of dreams. But I do find the topic fascinating!

Dec 2006

Change of Seasons

I used to think that I’d like to live somewhere that was sunny all of the time. As I’ve gotten older, I’ve come to appreciate the change of seasons.

Last Winter went on entirely too long. I could not wait for Spring. Time to get back outside and work in the yard. In comes Summer. Bring on the humidity! I love Summer. I enjoy getting out and swimming. I love sunshine. Time for friends and family to gather. But I’m over it. I’m ready for my favorite season of them all-Fall.

I’m ready for the colors to change. I’m ready for crisp air. Bring on the oranges and reds. Then there’s my favorite holiday, Halloween. I love everything about Fall. Well, almost everything. My one complaint is that it never lasts long enough for me.

In my perfect world, this is how the seasons would play out:

Winter-2 months tops. Get cold enough to kill some of those pesky bugs and give us a white Christmas. No ice storms!

Spring-3 months. Perfect! Give us those Spring showers intermittently and stay cool enough to tolerate yard work.

Picture by Laura Venturini, Daytona FL

Summer-3months. Time enough to enjoy outdoors. To have cookouts and get away for vacation. That’s enough humidity though!

Fall-4 months. Fall has its overcast days, true. But it also has its sunny ones. The colors are vibrant….put that on pause please! The air gets crisp but it’s not cold. Apple cider, bonfires, roasting marshmallows. Perfection!

In a perfect world! One can dream.