George Orwell

The Missing

Becky and Paula had an excellent idea, share information on missing kids/people. Reality is some of these kids have been missing so long, if they’re still alive they’re adults now. We might not be able to shut down human trafficking but we sure can share information about the missing.

Be on the lookout!! I don’t know if it will result in any missing people being found. But doing nothing definitely won’t.

Human Trafficking

Law enforcement has stepped up its fight on human traffickers. Seeing one bust after another is smacking us in the face as to the enormity of the problem.

Schools are even teaching students how to not become one of these statistics. This is the times in which we live. I have so many questions. Was this an issue when we were kids and it’s now more visible due to media attention? Do these young people account for a large amount of missing kids? How do we shut this down completely? Can we?

Thanks to the Epstein case, it is obvious that trafficking has some major benefactors. Money talks. This is what makes me think that law enforcement will have a heavy caseload to carry and I do not see this issue going away.

That does not mean we should throw in the towel. Save as many kids as possible. Incarcerate as many responsible as possible. I believe it is an uphill battle being fought. But one that is worth fighting!