The Days of the Face Mask

I ran some errands this morning and took my Clifford along. On the XFM Radio there was a talk show featuring several doctors. Covering everything from antibodies, breathing CO2 from wearing a mask for long periods of time, the first trials of a vaccine in the US. On and on.

I’ve had so many questions and thoughts that just won’t go away. One was in regards to the effects of breathing your own CO2 due to wearing a face mask for a long period of time.

I actually did research this one and found a study where the participants experienced symptoms of hypercapnia though their blood tests did not reveal an excess of CO2. Symptoms experienced-increased blood pressure, muscle twitches, headaches, rapid heart rate, chest pain, fatigue and confusion. I’d love to share this study with you but in just a couple days the internet is now filled with articles claiming this to be false information. And you guessed it, this study is no where to be found. Here we go again! Don’t get me started!

The interesting thing is this one doctor was talking about how different things are now. From wearing all the protective gear, to the fogging of glasses to the effects of breathing his own CO2 from wearing a face mask for long periods of time. Right from the horses mouth.

Now I’m not posting this to scare anyone. I wear a mask when I’m out amongst the public. I don’t at home or in my yard or when I walk Clifford. But not everyone is at home right now. Some have been working this entire time and some are heading back to work as we speak. So what can we do? It’d be nice to be able to take the mask off on break but in public that is not possible. I’m not a medical expert. But if I was working and if I could, I think I’d take my breaks in my vehicle. It sure would be nice to get a medical expert’s advice on this one. But again, the internet police would shut it down. How sad is it that we cannot find the answers we need anymore? Notice I carefully worded the title? Otherwise this will get booted from FB.

I welcome any and all information on this topic! I think it’s important for us to know these things. Maybe that’s just me.


Was There a Shutdown of the Wuhan Lab in October?

Mobile phone data is being checked by US Intelligence agencies. Said data suggests the Wuhan Laboratory had an emergency last October which may have resulted in a shutdown.

Allegedly the shutdown ocurred October 7th through October 24th. The report also suggests roadblocks were set up around the Wuhan Laboratory October 14th through October 19th.

Said report offers no direct evidence of said shutdown.

The Adventures of Clifford-A Car Ride and Shopping with Mom

Today I took my big pup with me to the bank and shopping at Rural King. I wanted to get a fern for my patio. Picked up a couple other things but I’ll save that for another post.

Clifford was so excited. As you may or may not know he has terrible separation anxiety. So he loves it when he gets to go with me. We walked around and picked out a few things. Everyone thought he was beautiful and he ate that up!

We got home and put everything away and he made planting my fern an absolute nightmare! He was jumping on me and trying to take the fern and running off and running back attacking the fern. Over and over again! Then I carried my pot from back of the garage to wash dirt off the pot before placing it on my patio. He was attacking the pot as I was carrying it. I love him to bits but that shit right there drives me bonkers! I guess he still had some energy!

We had a little play time afterwards and now he’s ready to nap. Yaaah! He will wake up refreshed and ready to do it all over again. I will wake up ready to nap again. 😂😂😂

The Media’s Complicity is the Biggest Betrayal of All

I sure do miss Walter Cronkite. They don’t make them like they used to.

I hear so many promote their news sources as the only truth. I’m here to tell you that we need to research stories. We see videos edited to fit the agenda of the source. We see major news conglomerates touting their opinions and bias and parading them as fact.

Now we are being force fed one agenda on many social media sites. We are being told what to think. worse than that, we are being told lies are truth and truth are lies.

So, how much is a soul worth I ask? When you sell out to political parties you are indeed selling your soul. You endanger our right to truth and our freedom of speech and thought. You give powerful self-serving individuals more power over the people.

Now there’s some reporters that are in it to get that once in a lifetime story to make their career. Some spouting their opinion instead of fact. Then there are the most dangerous ones of all. The ones that are complicit in covering up truth.

I research everything I post. I don’t just watch one side, I watch everything I can find on a story. Realizing the truth lies somewhere in between. We shouldn’t let loyalties to news conglomerates sway us. We can no longer just sit and take their word for anything. We must be pro-active and seek truth.

And that’s the way it is. I sure do miss Walter Conkite.

Petition to Reinstate Officer Greg Anderson

I found this petition this morning. Please sign and share! Last night I worked on my own petition and for some reason could not get it to work. No matter! At least there’s one circulating!


The Truth is Still the Truth, a Lie is Still a Lie; No Matter Who Believes It.

I just had a post marked on my blog on FB stating it contained inaccurate information. Yes I got back on FB. I have too many people that I maintain contact with on there plus it’s been my diary for many years. Memories, pictures. Anyways, the point of this blog post is censorship and the truth.

Now the video in the article below has Doctor Robert Levin stating that people will be removed from their home in order to protect others in their home. Oops! Was he not supposed to confirm that just yet? Mmm hmmm. The original video I posted cannot be shared any longer. I had to hunt for this link which includes transcript of his comments. The video of him stating this is the part of my post that FB claimed was false information. How can they make such a claim? Well, apparently the good doctor retracted his statement. Okay, fine. I can understand if all facts are not included. But the video did say, he has since retracted his statement. The plot thickens! Something stinks and it’s hitting me from multiple directions.

Denouncing Dr. Levin’s contact tracing | Big Brother is Coming to Ventura Country!

Officer Greg Anderson has Been Placed on Administrative Leave for Speaking Out

I don’t sleep well at night anymore. I get a couple hours and then I’m up and thinking. Thinking about the world right now. I just saw this and it brought me to tears.

They gave him kudos for what he said but when it went viral-encouraged him to take video down. He refused. Then the governor stepped in and again he refused. Now he’s on administrative leave pending an investigation for insubordination.

In the video he states that maybe he is not meant to be a police officer. I disagree. You are the kind of individual that we need in that role. Hang tough! You’ve got a lot of people out here supporting you sir. To the powers that be-shame on you!

A Little Patio Remodel

Yesterday I worked on my patio. I love to hang out here-one of my favorite rooms. Mind you it is not complete yet. I plan to paint the rocking chair and gonna use a tall pot I have and get a fern for it. But a lot did get accomplished.

All I spent was $150.00. It would have cost a hell of a lot more for all new furniture. I wasn’t doing that. Especially since all the furniture is in excellent shape. Good bones. Just needed some TLC, paint and new pillows and coverings.