The Affects of the Phases of the Moon


Food for Thought-We’ll See

Amen! Amen! Amen! I most definitely am. I do understand that a degree of trust must be handed over when you allow people into your world. At one point I hated the idea of this. I’ve experienced enough in my life that I am at a point that my heart no longer leads the way. My brain and instincts do. My heart seems to be on stand-by these days.

I’m not a cold person by nature. To some this may sound as if I am. Far from it. I prefer to look at it as wisdom. I am wiser because of all of the things I have experienced. Because of these things, I no longer put faith in others. I put faith in myself.

No, this is not cold-hearted. I would say this is wise. I pay my own bills, I take care of myself, I do not need anyone to care for me. If someone wants to be a part of my life, the way I see it, they better bring something to the table. They better be ready to prove they are worthy of my time. My time is my most precious asset. Everyone should unapologetically reserve time only for those that prove themselves worthy of it.

Some might say I have trust issues. No, I have Deja Vu issues. There’s a big difference.

Many blessings!

Con Artists

It is sad to see what some people will do to make money. There are so many scams out there, it blows the mind. Today someone tried to get to me. Not once, not twice but three times. Thankfully I am intelligent enough to know how to counter these individuals.

It really burned me though. This individual knew too much about me for my liking. They knew my unlisted cell number, my ex-husband’s full name, my wireless carrier and what state I live in. I didn’t give this individual any information.

Without giving too much detail, this individual was obviously trying to direct me into giving him account information. I didn’t let it get that far.

This was the first call. I simply told this man that I’d contact local authorities and the local business office to confirm what he was saying. Guess what happened? He hung up on me.

Later in the day I get a call from an unknown number. This time telling me that I am having my phone shut off. I hung up. I know better. About twenty minutes pass and here comes another unknown number call. Again, my phone is going to be shut off.

You know, I was having a great day. This pissed me off to no end! It made me paranoid first of all. Then I thought about all the older people that might fall for this scam and this really infuriated me.

I did report the first call; as I did have a number that I could report. There’s nothing else I can really do. I did shut down my Instagram and Twitter accounts just to be on the safe side. At least for now.

It’s just sad that I have to turn my world upside down because of assholes like this. This world is full of them unfortunately and you can never be too cautious.