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Ignorance is Bliss-And That’s the Way it Is

Upon scratching deeper into my search for truth, I’ve discovered many things about many people. Including Walter Cronkite with whom I placed on a pedestal in a previous post. Let me explain-I felt in comparison to the newscasters today he was far superior. Did I ever take a kick in the teeth with reading some snippets of his book, A Reporter’s Life.

I quote, “A system of world order—preferably a system of a world government—is mandatory. Ouch!

Upon accepting the 1999 Norman Cousins Global Governance Award at the United Nations he is quoted as saying, it seems to many of us if we are to avoid the eventual catastrophic world conflict we must strengthen the United Nations as a first step towards a world government.

I had a fellow blogger tell me to research everybody! I felt I had adequately researched for my post but I was wrong. Now I know what she meant. I knew about many individuals quest for more power. But he is one that really shocked me to hear he was a propagandist. We live we learn. We research we learn.

I no longer miss Walter. I miss my ignorance. And that’s the way it is.

JFK-It’s Complicated

I have written about my opinion on JFK’s assassination before. For years, one conspiracy leading the way was that the CIA was behind the assassination. In my research I came across an article by Dave Perry. He has been researching the JFK assassination since 1976. He has been able to debunk every conspiracy theory but one. Can you guess which one that is? He cannot debunk the theory that the CIA was involved.

I have watched a movie called Dark Legacy many times. It provides connections of CIA members to Oswald as well as Oswald’s assassin, Ruby to Nixon. It tries to connect George H. W. Bush. Why do I say try? It turns out that at the time of Kennedy’s Assassination another George Bush worked for the CIA. So that is questionable. Sources also say that George H. W. Bush was not in the CIA at that time. The movie does mention all of this. It also briefs the viewer on the many pertinent events of that time period.

The movie is not like conspiracy theory shows of the past. It provides compelling information. Some information can’t be legitimized as I don’t have access to it. Dark Legacy answers many questions but it also leaves you with many questions.

That being said I would like to talk a bit about E. Howard Hunt. (Who is a major focus in this movie) He is famous for his contribution in the Watergate scandal. Yes that one! He had confessed to his son that he was involved in JFK’s assassination. In a deathbed confession he also provided names of other conspirators. Including one, Cord Meyer, a CIA agent whose then ex-wife allegedly had a relationship with….wait for it. You guessed it, JFK. Coincidently (or not) his ex-wife was murdered (just weeks after the Warren Commission report was released) and the case was never solved. His ex-wife, Mary Eno Pinchot Meyer was a well known painter. She also had a long history of criticism for the CIA. Is your head spinning yet? I should also mention that her murder case has been sealed. Hmm. The plot thickens.

I’m not stating that this movie is the answer we have been looking for all these years but it sure does make you think! It gets very detailed in connecting influential individuals with key players and upcoming political figures at that time. As well as CIA connections. It’s a very complicated “Six Degrees of Conspiracy” type of getting to know you.

Whew! Researching this has been exhausting. To say it’s complicated is an understatement. As a person that has always believed Oswald to be the patsy, I find Dark Legacy very fascinating.

In conclusion I offer only my opinion on the assassination of JFK. I still believe Oswald to be the patsy. If he was involved I do not believe it to be as the sole assassin or mastermind. I believe that if there is evidence that can piece this puzzle conclusively together-it is still sealed. Do we really think that our political officials are going to hand conclusive evidence over that incriminates itself? Not likely.

Click to access CIA-RDP99-01448R000401580054-2.pdf

E. Howard Hunt’s JFK Assassination Confession: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know


The NWO isn’t something new. It’s been talked about for a very long time. This particular post focuses on Henry Kissinger.

These words-New World Order have been used by a multitude of politicians and that includes presidents. Both Republican and Democrat.

Were we just ignorant? Naive? Or just plain oblivious? The plan was set into motion a long time ago.

The Plan according to Kissinger is get the people to relinquish their rights. What are we seeing happening in our country?

Waking up yet?

At Some Point You Gotta Say Enough is Enough

I thought I already learned this lesson a long time ago. But sometimes things happen that remind you that you have the say in what you will accept and in what you won’t. Period.

It doesn’t matter what type of relationship it is. Family, friends, a love interest. If someone purposely hurts you, you gotta protect yourself and maintain your tranquility. I am too old to have to tell anyone how they should act. People know.

This can pertain to someone disrespecting you by not recognizing boundaries or issues previously addressed. This definitely pertains to anyone seeking to hurt others whether due to mental illness or lack of empathy.

I feel for anyone with a mental illness. But if they need help, they gotta help theirselves. Turning your life upside down and inside out is enabling. Plus their chaos becomes your chaos. Some people know they have these issues and choose to do nothing about it. Instead they seek and destroy others to try to rid theirselves of their own venom. They do this usually to those that care the most about them.

We can care. We can try. But what it comes down to is us as individuals and what we want our lives to be. If someone knows they need help but does not get it, one should not allow theirselves to be moving targets for those people.

Food for Thought-The Little Things Aren’t so Little

If people only realized that little things aren’t unimportant but essential. If people followed through with what they say they’ll do. If people showed love and not just said the words. People take time, people and love for granted. Yup like love happens every single day. Like it will always be there.

We won’t be here forever. Don’t let the last thing you did or said to someone you loved, leave you filled with regret.

It’s easy to lose your temper, to take things out on those we are closest to and to neglect someone. It’s also easy to show love daily. To hug. To say the words. To show love. To remember that the little things aren’t so little.

Flag on the Play!

Hmm…I’m not sure what to think.

This is a very interesting video by Ben Swann. He shows criteria used by “fact checkers” on Facebook. They basically go by the title of a video or an article. If anyone else has posted an article or video with a similar title which is not 100%; all posts are lumped into the category as false using key words. Without reading or watching!

Really? So you flag articles and videos and mark them as false information without really knowing the facts? That’s rich!

Easy Listening Sunday

It’s been rainy and flooding around here. My backyard was a swamp last night. I noticed I had a blockage in the gutter. Great! So early this morning I was on my step stool with a hose and some tongs and a kitchen spoon. Yes, I’m aware that’s not likely the typical tools used for such a job but you gotta go with what ya got!

Needless to say my step stool wasn’t tall enough for me to actually be able to see into my gutters. But I could reach in with tongs and gloved hand and feel a lot of sediment. I just kept working it towards downspout with spoon and the hose. I would imagine it was pretty entertaining to watch. It wasn’t much fun from my end!

But after about 30 minutes of doing this I finally saw results. The water was flowing from the downspout once again. Yaaah!! By the time I was done, I’m covered in gutter gunk and soak and wet. Well, I figured since I was already nasty, might as well trim a couple bushes that were out of control. That also meant sawing a couple trees that were growing up in said bushes. Not the finest way to start the day but I did get a lot accomplished.

Afterwards I soaked in an Epsom Salt bath and washed my retro supersized hair. Now I’m kicking back and taking in some easy listening type tunes. Rest of today will be a lazy Sunday! My body is done!

Ignorance is Bliss, Operation Paperclip

Ever heard something so absolutely bizarre you just know there’s no way in hell it could be true? Only to find out you were wrong?

Exhibit 1-Operation Paperclip

I started watching the series, Hunters on Amazon Prime. The series is about a group of New Yorkers hunting down Nazis in the 70s and bringing them to justice. It’s a great series. I binged it’s first and only season thus far yesterday. In one episode they were hunting one particular Nazi and it led them to NASA. They tell the story of how the US brought several Nazis to the US, gave them citizenship, whitewashed their war crimes and put them to work on our space program.

I found that absurd. But me being me, looked up Operation Paperclip and it is real! I was really thrown by this. Disgusted and thrown. Ignorance truly is bliss.

The Days of the Face Mask

I ran some errands this morning and took my Clifford along. On the XFM Radio there was a talk show featuring several doctors. Covering everything from antibodies, breathing CO2 from wearing a mask for long periods of time, the first trials of a vaccine in the US. On and on.

I’ve had so many questions and thoughts that just won’t go away. One was in regards to the effects of breathing your own CO2 due to wearing a face mask for a long period of time.

I actually did research this one and found a study where the participants experienced symptoms of hypercapnia though their blood tests did not reveal an excess of CO2. Symptoms experienced-increased blood pressure, muscle twitches, headaches, rapid heart rate, chest pain, fatigue and confusion. I’d love to share this study with you but in just a couple days the internet is now filled with articles claiming this to be false information. And you guessed it, this study is no where to be found. Here we go again! Don’t get me started!

The interesting thing is this one doctor was talking about how different things are now. From wearing all the protective gear, to the fogging of glasses to the effects of breathing his own CO2 from wearing a face mask for long periods of time. Right from the horses mouth.

Now I’m not posting this to scare anyone. I wear a mask when I’m out amongst the public. I don’t at home or in my yard or when I walk Clifford. But not everyone is at home right now. Some have been working this entire time and some are heading back to work as we speak. So what can we do? It’d be nice to be able to take the mask off on break but in public that is not possible. I’m not a medical expert. But if I was working and if I could, I think I’d take my breaks in my vehicle. It sure would be nice to get a medical expert’s advice on this one. But again, the internet police would shut it down. How sad is it that we cannot find the answers we need anymore? Notice I carefully worded the title? Otherwise this will get booted from FB.

I welcome any and all information on this topic! I think it’s important for us to know these things. Maybe that’s just me.