Night Songs-Bad Guy, Billie Eilish



I love my Wi-Fi. I do. There was a time when we didn’t know what we were missing. There were so many things we did to occupy our time. The world is a different place now. I remember a time when a computer wasn’t a part of my life at all. Now our phones are mini computers that we cannot function without for even a day.

I guess we get wrapped up in technology because that’s just the way of it. Unless you live in remote locations or use no electricity whatsoever. But in most of our worlds, Wi-Fi is something we use all the time.

We forgot we use trees all of the time as well. We take and take and take without replenishing. Like with relationships, doing this leads to one thing. Nothingness. If we don’t replenish what we take, we lose. Every damn time.

Watch it Burn

I was talking with someone about writing as a form of therapy. She is very interested but with her depression, she isn’t sure she’d have suitable topics.

I told her if she didn’t want to share it with anyone that she can write in a way that the words could mean many things. That poetry is perfect for this. I also shared my love of dark pieces. If she still wasn’t sure then-

Write it down, get it out and then watch it burn!

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