The Celebrity Scandals of the 80s

March 2018


The 80s continued, the Movies

I have been working a bit more this week and have a long day Sunday. I decided that I would make this entire weekend dedicated to the 80s.

Let’s face it, I’ve only scratched the surface so far! This post is dedicated strictly to the movies of the 80s. I have so many favorites from this decade. There’s no way for me to list them all.

So I’m just going to make this a fun post. Memes, gifs, pics from some of the top movies of the 80s. And here we go….

Music of the 80s

It was quite an era of music. The end of the 70s brought change. Disco was fading out and fast! Here comes the 80s with some new faces and some familiar ones finding a resurgence of popularity.

There was such an eclectic selection of styles. We had the rap groups that brought injustices into the limelight, hair bands, metal, R&B groups, new wave, boy groups, a ton of one-hit wonders, some females breaking new ground, bands from the 70s changing for the times and bringing a fresh sound with them, “bubble gum” pop….I could go on and on!

I read an article that stated that 80s was the least diverse decade for music. I could not disagree more! Plus the 80s broke new ground. Such as females taking the lead. The women came out loud and proud, singing about everything from sex to their own power. Rock on ladies!

I loved and still love my 80s music. My iTunes is loaded with the 80s. It’s the soundtrack to my youth.