The Adventures of Clifford and Laura-Is Nothing Sacred? You’re Gonna Poop a Flower

It’s exciting to see the daffodils popping up. The bushes that have buds on them ready to flower. So much beauty ready burst! Along comes Clifford. My gardens are doomed!

As you can see, Clifford is on one today! Nothing is safe! Not my pillows, not my gardens, not my drink coasters. I’m trying like hell to work that energy out of him. What it seems I’m doing is working the energy out of me! We’ve had a walk and played ball and I was ready to take him in and gave his ball one last kick. Right over the fence. Shit! Shit! Shit! This is life with a puppy! Calgon and wine are needed! Lord give me strength!

Inspirational Story-Fight Like Girls-One Woman’s Story of Survival and Turning Pain into Power in Order to Help Others

I am a true crime story addict. Needless to say ID is one of my favorite channels. This story got to me. After I finished watching it, I did some research on this woman to see if I could find anything in regards to how she’s doing today.

This young lady’s name is Bre Lasley. Unfortunately, in order to tell you her story, I have to tell you a bit about a man that changed her life. His name, Robert Berger. This man was a career criminal and had previous offenses where violence was committed towards women. He had just gotten out of prison and was staying at a halfway house. One that did not monitor its residence as it should. They were pretty much able to come and go and do as they pleased.

One night Robert Berger broke into Bre’s home. Bre was brutally assaulted and stabbed multiple times. Her sister, Kayli was able to run out of the house to find help. Thankfully an officer in the vicinity heard her cries for help. Officer Ben Hone called in for backup but did not wait for it to arrive. He knew a woman was being stabbed and within 9 seconds of his first call to his second call he had shot and killed Robert Berger, saving Bre’s life. He said he felt like the stand off was much longer.

Bre was being held in a type of wrestling hold and had to untangle herself from the deceased Berger. Luckily all stab wounds did not penetrate any organs or arteries. She recovered from her physical injuries and started Fight Like Girls. An organization that helps women that are battling everything from eating disorders to abuse.

If that is not an inspirational story then I don’t know what is. Kudos to you Bre! Thank you for empowering others to fight!

Attempted murder survivor tells women to fight back