Part I, a Brief Introduction of Globalists George Soros, 60 Minutes interview

You escaped the Holocaust by pretending to be a Christian?

Soros- That’s right.

60 Minutes -That is something that would send people to the psychiatric couch for many many years. Was it difficult?

Soros-No, not all.

60 Minutes-No feeling of guilt?



What Can I Give?

I’ve listened to many people who have shared their experiences with the police. This video is of comedian Michael Jr. I’m sharing it because he has a very important message in regards to healing pain from mistreatment at the hands of an officer.

I am in no way lumping all police officers into one category. But I do feel it is important to recognize the issues we do have. Listen to his message of helping another in pain and how it helped him to forgive and to move forward.

Who are You? The Division by Race, Religion, Politics and Opinions

The division happening is getting worse daily. The majority of people aren’t looking for division but for solidarity. Many have an “us vs you mentality.”

The American police force has a torrid past with the black community. Yes, there are major issues even to this day. Not one American can go back and change anything that happened in the past. We can however learn from it and begin to work together towards reform.

Division is everywhere. For some reason people are scared to speak and you know what? I get it. I was there but my fire in my gut won’t let me stop. The climate is heated to say the least. Here’s the problem with the “us vs them” mentality-it breeds hate and fear. It lumps all people of a particular religion, profession, color, background, political preference into categories. It says, I don’t care why you are what you are, this is who I think you are-period. We shut others off with that type of thinking.

Let me tell you who I am. I am the daughter of a 2nd generation immigrant. My father along with his sibling stayed behind in Italy with family while his mom and step dad came here to become citizens. His father died during WWII from an illness unable to get the medicine he needed. My dad was just a young boy. In Italy my family were farmers.

I’m the daughter of a US born mother. She was German, Jewish and Irish. She had a high IQ and could have done anything with her life. She chose to be a wife to a career military man and a mother.

My siblings and I were born all over. One in California. One in Germany. Myself in New Jersey and youngest in Hawaii.

Once my dad retired from the military we settled in my mom’s hometown. Been here ever since. I was active in sports in my youth. I became a mother at a young age. I’m divorced. I’m for freedom. I’m for prayer. I’m for equality across the board. I’m against government corruption. I’m against hate. I’m for justice. I’m for peaceful protesting.

We are more than who we descend from. We are more than the jobs we hold. We are more than who we choose to vote for. Everything we have ever experienced has made us who we are. We are much more than titles. We are all layers of experiences that mold us.

If we silence ourselves we shut the world off from different point of views. Some issues may seem to be small potatoes compared to others. But they’re essential issues in the way that we see others.

If we want to change things, we have to be open to hear others. Stop labeling people. Stop putting everyone in a box. We have to stand TOGETHER against injustice and embrace our differences.

Many blessings to all. Prayers for your heavy heart, weary minds and exhausted souls.

And That’s Why Boys and Girls we Must Research Stories for Ourselves

New York City Mayor De Blasio wanted the police officer that pulled his gun in a crowd of protestors to be fired. Referring to a 12 second video that went viral over the weekend. Then the full video was seen. The full video shows the officer pulling his gun after his commander was bashed in the head with a brick, sending him to the ground. It makes a difference doesn’t it? Now I’m not likening this to the murder of George Floyd. Let’s get that straight from the get go. That’s apples to oranges.

Is everyone seeing what our officers are going through? They’re trying to do their job and keep the peace. Now they gotta worry about every move they make. And taking shit from every direction.

It’s not a good time to be an officer of the law. I’m afraid they’ve been categorized and labeled. Doesn’t really matter what color they are either. It’s a free for all right now.

Am I for reform? Yes! But I’m also for law and order. What if that was your dad? How would you feel? Does empathy exist anymore?

My next point about this is the deception. It’s a tactic used by our media regularly. If you watch the same story on competing news networks-you’d know this is truth. Why should we be surprised when citizens steal from that playbook?

People are being murdered, their livelihoods taken and our media is using it to push their own political agendas. As are our citizens. It is abominable! And both are resulting in tearing the country apart not building bridges.

I’m ashamed of our media. I’m ashamed of our political parties. I’m ashamed of many of our citizens.

One day these young people will find themselves at the other end of this situation. They might spend years building their business and someone might come and burn it to the ground. But they’re not thinking about that. They’re not thinking about their future.

Some rioters have pain burning them alive. While others are there to see that pain ignites into something bigger and those are the ones you need to worry about. It’s not pain driving them. It’s the devil. They don’t care about you. They don’t care about me. They just do not care. How do you reach someone like that?

Now we have some parts of the country shutting down gun sales. In an effort to keep guns out of the wrong hands. Ha! Law abiding citizens that now need a gun to protect their families and their homes, can’t get one. Do you think someone that is traveling from out of state just to incite riots gives a damn about that law? No they don’t. It’s madness!

Pray for our world. Then pray some more.

Antifa Coming to a Town Near You

Today on Facebook I saw a post that stated to stay clear of a certain area over the weekend. I don’t know the man so I didn’t share it. That was until someone I do know very well commented.

She works downtown and businesses were busy boarding up today. She was told that the FBI informed our local police department that Antifa was coming.

My hope is that with it being leaked it will make them think twice before coming. What a world we live in.

Take a Break, Be Gentle With Yourself

When you are overwhelmed it’s really hard to find your way out. It feels as though you’re being encompassed by an overwhelming amount of darkness.

One thing I’ve learned is that you cannot wait for it to dissipate. You change your pattern. Walk away from negativity. It is okay to allow yourself to let go of your troubles for a while. We know they’ll be there. It’s a separation. That way you can find your strength once again so you’re better able to handle reality.

We need breaks from the news. From the overwhelming amount of issues surrounding us right now.

Take a break. Be gentle with yourself.

Get out and go for a walk.

Read a book.

Watch a movie.

Do some gardening.

When you’re out in public, strike up conversations. Ask people how they are. It changes your attitude by focusing attention elsewhere. Be kind with everyone. We are all struggling. Sometimes a smile or a kind word can make all the difference for someone as well as for you.

Many blessings!

The Power of Music During Crisis

Music can express what we ourselves have trouble verbalizing. There’s a song for every situation we may face.

There’s songs that pump me up. Songs that help me through sadness. Songs that take me back. Songs that make me laugh. Songs that make me want to dance.

We are in very ugly times. There’s so much going on in the world. We are being force fed agendas by the media. We are scared. We feel we need to stay on top of what’s happening in the world understandably. But sometimes you need to walk away from it. Unplug. Detach from reality.

Go for a walk. Play with your children. Play some music and sing at the top of your lungs! Live!! Live! Live!!!

Many blessings!

Officers on Speaking Up and they’re Speaking Out about the Murder of George Floyd

I’ve been crying a lot lately. The world has been turned upside down and inside out. Chaos is everywhere. I don’t want to see anyone else lose their life. No more murders at the hands of the police. No retaliation killings of officers that are only guilty of wearing that uniform. No more hate mongers driving the races apart.

I understand the anger. I feel it too. It’s time to stop burning buildings and start building bridges.

Our People

When we put a knee to a man’s neck and he’s pleaded for mercy-we are killing our people.

When we murder anyone in our way while looting-we are killing our people.

When a man stands up to looters to protect his business-we are beating our people.

When an officer is doing his job and doing it right but is brutalized because of what someone else has done-we are wounding our people.

When we start talking and stop putting everyone in a “box”-we come together as a people.

When we stop allowing sensationalism of the press to push us where they want-we are a thinking people.

When our hearts hurt and we come together to actually talk and work together to make a difference-we will be a healing people.

My wish for you-stay safe. Remember your heart. Think before you speak. Remember some things once put into action can never be reversed.

– LA Vent