The Shadow

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It is a foggy, damp night. I wander the streets aimlessly. My mind is blank. I have no idea why I am out nor do I seem to care. I just wander. I hear a sound behind me. I quickly turn but nothing is there. I continue aimlessly wandering with no destination in mind.

I hear the sounds of the night. They comfort me. Night is my time. It is my element. I hear my feet on the blacktop as I make my way no where. Then I hear footsteps that are not my own. I stop and for a split second I hesitate turning around to look. But I do turn and look. My heart is now racing. There about a block away, I see a shadow. I turn back around and quicken my pace. My mind that was blank is now seeking refuge, a safe haven. I want to be home. I turn to see the shadow gaining on me. I quicken my pace yet again. I feel like my heart will beat out of my chest. Faster and faster I walk. I turn again and the shadow is just feet from me.

I’m no longer walking. I’m running and screaming. Pleading for anyone to come to my rescue. This cannot be happening. I see my home just ahead. I’m trying to not hyperventilate. I just knew my heart was going to stop. As my feet hit the first step, I look to see the shadow’s hand about to grab my shoulder.

I wake up in a cold sweat. I am still in a panic. I realize I am safe in my bed. I grab my pillow and pull it close to me as I try to calm my breathing. “It was just a nightmare”, I tell myself. Then comes a shuffling sound outside my window. I jump and turn just in time to see a shadow pass by.

-Laura Venturini


Rules for Happy Living

You know it’s not always easy to be happy. I do love everything on this list. But I especially love #12. Because it is honest. Sometimes we just need to cry. It’s okay to cry. It’s okay if every day is not a “happy” one.

I think we work so hard at times to make others comfortable at our own expense. Don’t do that. Be what you need to be in each moment. Purging pain is working through it. It’s part of the process. You want to be happy? Be you and be honest with yourself and those closest to you about how you feel. Feel unapologetically. Many blessings.

The Adventures of Laura and the DMV

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Adventures of Laura-BMV

Head into DMV and luckily it did not take long for them to call my number. At least I thought so….at first. I take the paper with ex’s signature to get him off of title to van. You know the one that someone at DMV told me is all I needed to do so.

Nope gonna need full divorce decree and it must say I retain ownership of said vehicle.

Me: Okay fine, do I have everything needed to change my name on driver’s license.

Them: Yes.

Me: So let’s get that done.

Picture time-

Them: Oh you can smile, just don’t show teeth.


Sign pad first.

Me: I signed Macaluso

Them: need to sign maiden name. Clear it and sign Venturini.


Pic one-Smile, no go; bangs fell

Pic two-smile, camera rejected

Pic three- smile, camera accepted, woman rejected on account of fallen bangs.

Pic four-no smile, bangs swept to the side, success!

Sit down and sign all five places and she realizes she didn’t change my last name.

Not smiling.

Let’s try this again. Sign five places again and woman comes over to approve everything.

Oh we need signature page of decree with judge’s signature.

Me-not smiling. Are you f%*#ing kidding me?

Go home and take care of some things and when done I gather necessary paperwork.

I’m baaaack!!!!

Go in boom first pic success! It’s like I’ve done this before or something.

Now let’s get van title just in my name.

Them: oh there is a lien on the van. With German American.

Me: it’s paid off

Them: you’re gonna have to go to them and get a lien release.


So I am gonna look at the positive of this. At least I gotta get a new pic. Cause first one came out looking like Maw Barker with a pork chop stuck in my throat. Ugly ugly ugly. Lol!

What ya gonna do? Roll with it.