Hide and Seek-oh Clifford!

Every single time I gotta go somewhere,Clifford picks up on it and tries to hide. He tries! He is far too big to hide in my small house! He still tries though. Then he gives me puppy dog eyes and makes me feel evil!


Stimulus payment less than expected? IRS says some won’t get the rest until 2021

Stimulus payment less than expected? IRS says some won’t get the rest until 2021

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Dr. Fauci-Who are You?

I just switched my search engine from Google to Yahoo. Tired of trying to find previously viewed articles that have since been deleted. Or I hit a link and it just stalls. I just stumbled across this article and find it to be a breath of fresh air.

Finally a free search engine. An unbiased search engine. An unmanipulated and not controlled by the WHO search engine. Can I get a whoop whoop?!

We Just Turned Up Some Troubling Info On Dr. Fauci … WHO Exactly Is He?

Censorship-Have we Traveled Back to Nazi Germany?

I temporarily suspended my Facebook this evening. I’m so upset with everything that I see happening around the world. The virus, fake news, political opportunists, censorship, and so much ignorance. I’ve watched the video Plandemic featuring Judy Mikovitz deleted repeatedly from YouTube. I’ve watched one video after another talk about Mikovitz and discount everything she says using Snopes as their only outlet of research. For the record, Snopes was created by a couple as a hobby originally. Neither had any investigative experience. Snopes idea of investigating Mikovitz involved asking Fauci if he ever sent an email informing her to stay clear from where she once worked. His response was, (paraphrasing) “I had my staff look for said email and one was not found.” Huh?

I found several articles today about Fauci in regards to him perjuring himself in a hearing regarding encephalitis and connection to MMR vaccine. At least there were several at the start of the day. This evening I could only find a few articles on his perjury.

What is happening in the United States? Anything that goes against Fauci’s protocol is being deleted. People cannot say it’s for public safety if articles that show Fauci’s shortcomings are being deleted as well. We are to follow like mindless zombies. We are to obey. We cannot have an opinion. We get to see and hear only what they want us to see and hear. Is this Nazi Germany?

Last night I saw a post by Facebook that informed its new protocol for policing. It point blank said it would be deleting anything that went against what has been deemed necessary to prevent spread of Covid19. But there’s more! They are tracking anyone who likes or posts anything that the WHO deems as misinformation regarding Covid19. Fine! Facebook is it’s own “entity”. Fine! So is YouTube. But Google has shut down articles. There’s even sites that cannot be accessed regarding Mikovitz. My mind is on overload. How dare we want to research things for ourselves? How dare we question anything!

The world has gone mad!

Censorship in Nazi Germany