Peppermint Oil-a Girl’s Best Friend

Some of you have read previous blogs where I have shared about my chronic pain issues. If not allow me to summarize-OUCH!

I have two spinal fusions, I have arthritis and I have fibromyalgia. There are many things that I use to help with my pain. Cold packs, rice packs, Epsom Salt baths and my best friend Peppermint oil.

I do want to warn anyone with skin sensitivities to be careful before using. Peppermint oil gets very warm when applied to the skin. Very warm. Also never (and I cannot stress this enough) apply to sensitive areas such as the armpits. NEVER! You will want to die. Trust me.

You may want to dilute it using a carrier oil such as jojoba. If you still find that it is not possible for you to use Peppermint oil due to skin sensitivities, try Wintergreen oil. It helps with pain as well without the warming affect.

So why is it so effective? Because Peppermint oil has anti-spasmodic and anti-inflammatory properties. The warming sensation helps your body to relax also.

It’s no wonder it has gained popularity with athletic departments to help athletes with sore muscles after workouts. It also has shown to improve athletes’ performances when used orally on a regular basis.

There are many benefits of using Peppermint oil. From upset stomach, to congestion to headaches. I encourage you to research how to use it for these specific ailments before doing so.

I have convinced many people to try Peppermint oil. Some were non-believers until they saw relief from pain within minutes.

I use it so much, my house smells like Christmas year round!

So if you have any of the ailments listed above, I encourage you to give it a try. What do you have to lose?

Many blessings!


Reincarnated as a Dog; a Humorous Short Tale

I cannot imagine life without dogs. They make life so much better. They love unconditionally. All they want is to be with their family.

When you walk through that door you are greeted with such love. It does not matter if you were only gone for five minutes or eight hours, the reaction is the same. They are truly amazing creatures.

I have always returned that love to my dogs over the years. I have always spoiled them. Spoiled with play, love and treats. Cuddling with those furry babies is the best. My dogs have always received the red carpet treatment.

Yes I spoil my fuzzy babies. So much so my ex always joked he hoped to come back as one of my dogs if he passed before me.

He never mentioned anything about neutering.

What is Beauty?

The above does not accurately depict my definition of beauty. What someone is blessed with on the outside is not in and of itself beautiful. You can be blessed with good genes but that doesn’t mean you were blessed with a beautiful heart or a beautiful soul. If all you have going for you, are good looks, then you don’t have true beauty. There is a light that shines through when you are beautiful on the inside. That light shines and illuminates one’s soul for all to see.

Every person is flawed in one way or another. Nobody is perfect. Everyone has things that they are self-conscious about. We live in a time that if you don’t like something about yourself and you can afford to, you can have it surgically altered. I most certainly am not downing anyone that has had plastic surgery. Not at all. But what I find sad are the particular cases where one surgery becomes, two. Two becomes three. So on and so on until an individual is completely unrecognizable.

We see the models on the covers of all these magazines looking flawless. Size 2, no fat, no cellulite, no pores, teeth perfectly straight and on and on. Our young girls comparing themselves to an image that isn’t even real.

We must teach our girls to love themselves, to strengthen their hearts with their actions, to use the goodness in their souls and to never compare themselves to anyone. To appreciate themselves as they are and see that light inside.

For that’s where true beauty lies.

Many blessings.

The Adventures of Laura-You Can’t Take Me Anywhere

5beec41a-9a1d-4059-912b-ea8c16c97e0e-3564-000002e725b86cabOne from the archives-

Last night a group of us decided to go see a movie. I purchase a cola icee and a medium popcorn and then we head into the theater and find our seats. I place my icee in the cup holder, turn and lay my purse down and proceed to sit down unaware that my icee had fallen out of the drink holder and into my seat. Let me tell ya, I jumped up so fast! One large icee to the ass! That’s likely where it would have gone anyways. But I digress. Needless to say I was so startled that I forgot all about my popcorn when I jumped and it flew everywhere. Everywhere!

Clean up on aisle 5!

This was not how I thought my night would go. I had to wear my icee the entire movie, we had to move as popcorn littered the aisle BUT I did have material for another “the Adventures of Laura” story. Sometimes it should be entitled -the Misadventures of Laura. Exhibit A!

I swear you can’t take me anywhere. I was cold, sticky and sweet, from my ass to my feet. Literally! Oh it’s a gift! I got skills!


I have stumbled. I am positive I will again. I have failed and I have succeeded. I have forgiven myself. I have forgiven others. I believe in love, goodness and empathy.

I believe that laughter cleanses the soul. I have known pain and I have known joy. I have experienced kindness and I have experienced betrayal.

I have seen fear, experienced fear and even been paralyzed by fear. I have fought back, stood my ground, walked away.

I strive for peace, long for knowledge and reject hate.

Love is a blessing. Tolerance a challenge.

Communication is essential. Love opens doors. Hatred closes minds and it consumes.

Time heals but not the way we want. Nor does time wait for anyone. But time is a teacher.

So what’s the lesson?

I am. I am original. I am a sinner. I am imperfect. I am no better than anyone but I am no less either. I live, I stumble, I learn, I grow.

The Adventures of Laura

Although I am a newbie blogger, I have been writing the Adventures of Laura for several years now. I thought I’d pull one out of the archives and share. I hope you enjoy it as much as I did writing it.

The following is based on actual events. Names have been omitted to protect the innocent and some embellishments added for entertainment purposes.

The Adventures of Laura:

Around 9:45ish last night I ran to my pharmacy to pick up my antibiotic and ear drops as well as some essentials. I go to the pharmacy and it takes forever for someone to wait on me. All these women (five of them-count them 1, 2, 3, 4, 5-women-bwa ah ah) are there and I was not sure why but every last one of them looked like they were ready to jump from a bridge.

I changed my insurance so I had to wait for the pharmacist to update my information and rerun the costs of my prescriptions. I take a seat and then I hear a woman say to her husband, “they lost my insurance card.” OH! Okay, the “I want to jump from a bridge” look-got it.

Next!!! A woman comes in to get a prescription and the pharmacist tells her that she has to contact the doctor at the ER, as the med prescribed could kill if mixed with another medication that she is on. Well, lovely. Have a seat next to me sister!

This was entertainment! I ran to aisle 3 and grabbed a popcorn, then I ran to aisle 1 and grabbed a cold Diet Coke. Ran back to the pharmacy, took a seat and watched the rest of the drama unfold.

In the meantime, people are funneling in and standing in line waiting for someone to at least acknowledge them. Waiting, waiting, ladies still looking like they want to jump off of a bridge. Customers looking like they want to throw these ladies off of the bridge. Mind you it only took them 10 minutes to get my prescriptions ready and call my name but I had to wait as every last one of them were on the phone or looking for the lost insurance card.

One of the pharmacists finally makes her way to the counter and asks if she can help someone. The young man that had not been waited on or even spoken to steps up and begins to speak and is cut off by the husband of the lady whose card was lost. He rips into her about the lost insurance card. She tried to be nice but he was not having any of it. He storms off with his wife in tow and bad-mouthing her the entire time.

This poor lady. She is so upset by all this and on the verge of tears, she takes off her pharmacist’s jacket and walks off. JUMPER! JUMPER!

Meanwhile John Doe, is still standing there after 15 minutes and he was on the cusp of being waited on and then DENIED! So sorry. In the meantime another man comes in and sees all of this and instead of standing in line, just takes a seat. I handed him my popcorn.

The verbally abused pharmacist emerges unscathed-she did not jump off of the bridge. Whew! False alarm. The young man in line finally gets waited on. The lady who was about to purchase a medication that could kill if mixed with another medication is waited on but first informed that the ER had given her a dose of this medication while in the ER. WARNING! WARNING! She is then given symptoms to look for incase there is a reaction between the two medications. Really?! What to look for-how about not breathing?!

I was finally able to get my scripts and the timing was perfect as I was fresh out of popcorn and getting tired and ready to go home or jump off of that bridge my damn self!

I checked the paper this morning, I don’t believe any of them jumped off of that bridge. I’m gonna use the drive-thru from now on.

Trading Places

I remember thinking my parents were so square when I was a kid. I thought my Mom was overprotective and my Dad clueless. I mean seriously, what could they know about anything? They were ignorant. Ha! I do believe I had that backwards.

My Mom had little gems of wisdom for every situation. Some I thought were amusing and others seemed more like harping to me. I vowed that I would never utter some of the wisdoms spewed by my Mom. Never!

It’s funny how things change. You grow up and become a parent. There was no way you could have ever known that you could love another human being as much as you love your child. There’s nothing like that love in this world. As your child grows they begin to venture out on their own. In little ways at first. Their first steps-you worry about the surroundings as you don’t want them to hurt themselves. Their first day of school-knowing they are going to hate it. You know they will have the hardest time leaving your side. It’s more likely that it was you that had separation anxiety. I know I did. Their injuries-doing something you warned them not to do. Their first heartache. How your heart hurt for them. The first time they drove a car. That imaginary brake and steering wheel that your Mom always used flashed before you. Don’t lie.

Yes everything changes. You find yourself doing everything you can to protect your child. There are some things that you have to let them learn on their own but there are other instances where you had to intervene. That’s when it happens. You utter the words that you swore you never would. But you don’t cringe when you hear them as you did when you were a kid. No, you understand now exactly what your parents were saying. You understand it perfectly.

I don’t know about you but I remember calling my Mom and apologizing. She wasn’t stupid or ignorant. She knew what she was talking about because she had lived and learned these lessons herself. She wasn’t psychic when she warned you about certain people and boom it always came to pass. No she wasn’t psychic, she was wise. She could see what you couldn’t at that time. It’s wisdom that we are not born with but comes to us through experience.

So here’s one my Mom uttered regularly:

“How did someone as dumb as me have such brilliant children?” I too have uttered these very words. Thanks Mom! My heartfelt apologies once more.

Here’s to all the little gems of wisdom!

The Correlation between Music and Poetry

A taste of – If You Forget Me by Pablo Neruda

“I want you to know one thing. You know how this is: if I look at the crystal moon, at the red branch of the slow autumn at my window, if I touch near the fire the impalpable ash or the wrinkled body of the log, everything carries me to you, as if everything that exists, aromas, light, metals, were little boats that sail toward those isles of yours that wait for me.”

Beautiful, right? If you didn’t know any better, you might assume that it was song lyrics. I am sure that many lyricists have drawn inspiration from poetry.

Discovering the inspiration or the muse for a lyricist or a poet is fascinating to me. I love discovering the story behind the creation of a great song. Not that it really matters as a song or a poem is defined by the listener or the reader. We make it what we want it to be. What it is to one may not be what it is to another and that is beautiful. We make these pieces our own.

Poetry like music can move you, provoke images, transport you, evoke memories and leave you wanting more. Songs and poetry have a flow, a rhythm. Can you feel music? Yes!!! Instrumentals can tell a story, provoke a certain feeling. Can you feel the sadness in some instrumentals or instrumental solos? Of course you can.

Then you have the really great songs. The ones that both the music and the lyrics speak to you. The ones that give you goosebumps. But what if you take away the music? Leave just the lyrics. A capella if you will. Right there! That’s poetry.

Hmm, maybe there is no correlation. Maybe music and poetry are actually…one in the same.

Snooty or Standoffish

I am a very outgoing individual. At the same time I stay to myself a lot. I don’t share with everyone the details of my life. It’s very difficult for me to allow people to get too close to me. I have my reasons. I can go out carry on a conversation with anyone. I can joke and throw come backs in a flash. What I can’t do is let just anyone close to me. Life has provided me with some hard lessons. I sit back and observe people for a very long time. I’m sure I’m not the only one.

You see, my heart is precious to me. I will not let just anyone occupy it. My time is just as precious. I will not waste it. I am loving, kind, generous, good hearted woman that is cautious.

Next time someone will not engage with you in the way that you wish; don’t assume it’s due to this person being snooty.

Maybe just maybe they are being cautious, being standoffish. This isn’t a bad thing, it’s a self-preservation thing.

Wolf in Sheep’s Clothing

Have you ever experienced this? It’s a horrible feeling. For someone to maneuver against you and then to act as savior. Its narcissism at its finest, or should I say at its worst? It’s difficult when you have a kind heart to understand how anyone can act in such a way.

You can never take this personally. This person had an agenda. Maybe you decided to leave an unhealthy relationship. Maybe this person is jealous of you for whatever reason. Maybe you were just a pawn. It could be any number of reasons. Regardless of the reason, for someone to act in such a way means there’s something missing from this person’s character, from their soul. So DO NOT take it personally.

How this person acted is on them. How you react, is on you. Do better, be better. Stop racking you brain trying to understand why! Do not waste your time. Just be thankful you are nothing like this person.


What’s important

Today and every day the most important thing in life are the people that you love.

My family went out to eat together last night to celebrate Thanksgiving. Was it our traditional gathering? No. Sometimes everyone cannot be together on Thanksgiving Day, for whatever reason.

Everyone with their plate of varying food before them, I realized it wasn’t about the food. It was and is about time with those that you love. This being the first Thanksgiving without my Mom makes me appreciate these moments with my loved ones more than ever.

Treasure every second you have with your loved ones. Remember the time you have with them is most precious. Many blessings to all.

Why writers write….

Why do you write? I’m not sure what started this journey. I was really young when I began writing short stories. I think it was an escape for me to be honest.

Sometimes I write to get lost, to escape. Sometimes it’s a form of therapy. Sometimes it’s just for entertainment purposes. Other times I want to share some of my experiences. I’ve seen and been through a lot in my life. You never know who you could be helping when you share a piece of your life.

Be thankful

Why do we wait for Thanksgiving to find things to be grateful for? This should be our mindset. Year-round. I know that it can be easier said than done at times. Everyone will have bad days. Sometimes bad days turn into months or even years. This is life. It has its ups and downs.

I truly believe that no matter what we have going on, there are always things before us to be grateful for. Always.

If you have a roof over your head, food to eat, the ability to work, people that love you and would fight for you, the ability to create, the ability to see the clouds, to hear the birds, to feel love, then you have the ability to always give thanks.

No matter what you may have going on, look at what you have and smile and give thanks.

Happy Thanksgiving!