Kennedy Assassination Archive Files

The JFK assassination keeps conspiracy theorists on their toes. Even after fifty-six years! I have never believed that Oswald acted alone. There are so many theories that have been around for years. Speculation as to who was actually responsible for the assassination; from Castro to the mafia, our own CIA and even VP Johnson.

I don’t know the truth. I just believe that Oswald was the scapegoat. Did he participate? Probably so, but he was a pawn that was sacrificed for someone or something much bigger.

The release of some of the Warren Commission’s files lends credence to the theory that Oswald was indeed a patsy. However, the documents released just keep the conspiracies alive. They provide no definitive evidence but at the same time they provide enough information to cause one to question Oswald as being the lone perpetrator in the assassination. The mystery continues.

What are your thoughts?