Adventures of Mom and Pop-Party in the ICU

Archives 2018-this was just weeks before my Mom passed away. Even with my Mom being in the state she was in, music was a priority.

Adventures of Mom and Pop-It’s a party in the ICU

Today a feeding tube was discussed for Mom. She doesn’t want to endure a surgery however. Which is understandable. It’s her body and she’s been through so much. If it was me, I’d probably feel the same. While doctor was in there they began discussing music. Mom talked about Freddie Mercury. One of her favorites. She then began serenading her with We Are The Champions. The nurses and doctor got a kick out of her. My sister then said, she had been singing Another One Bites the Dust. We had to change up her song selection.

I sat down next to my dad and Mom’s IV machine began beeping. My Dad grabbed his phone and answered it. Then looked at me and asked if it was my phone as no one was there. I couldn’t help but laugh. Then informed him it was Mom’s IV machine. He started laughing. He’s still got his sense of humor. Ask the staff, he’s got dirty jokes for days!

We are sitting in Mom’s room and she is sleeping off and on and she wakes up and says, where are they?

Me: where is who?

Mom: They are supposed to come and get me.

Me: Nobody is coming to get you Mom.

Mom: Well I’m not staying here all day!

Then she was back out of it. With her sponge stick in mouth.

I realize this may not seem funny to some people. The situation is a serious one. That’s not lost on us. My family has seen many hard times. We seek laughter to help endure such times. It’s not always easy to do. I’m writing this with tears just flowing.

These little moments, just moments are precious. Let those people that you love-know it. Life is so precious. Live, love and laugh!

Every chance that you get.

Here’s some Queen for you Mom.❤️❤️❤️