I really don’t have a theme today. Just gonna go with the flow. I thought I’d share something from my FB archives.

It is funny how some things change with time. How we change with time. How our perspective changes.

When I was little-could not wait until I was old enough to wear make-up.


Could not wait to grow up!

Now-why in such a hurry? Bills, responsibilities, blah blah blah. You are a kid once. Enjoy it. Be a kid.

Hated rainy days. Boring!

Now-nothing to do but relax on a rainy day -amazing! The best! (Over the rain right now though….days and days of it!)

As a kid, I always thought that dogs were better than most humans.

Adult self-dogs are still better than most humans. Lol! That won’t change.

How big everything seemed as a kid.

Adult self-walk into school I attended in youth, everything looks so small.

Jumping on my bike and just taking off. Running all day, sports….go go go. Fun fun fun.

Adult self-exercise is necessary to keep one strong, stretching is now essential so you don’t pull something just getting out of bed.

As a kid just do whatever without thinking.

Adult self-think about it, contemplate action and consequences of that action. Basically overthink EVERYTHING!

As a kid-worry about what everyone thought of you.

Adult self-learned to love yourself. Accept yourself, flaws and all.