I think everyone has something that they are afraid of or something that makes them uneasy. My fear-clowns! They creep me out. I cannot explain it. It just is what it is.

Is my fear of clowns a phobia? Definitely! I am not a fan. They freak me out. To be honest if someone dressed as a clown approached me, I would go into fight or flight mode.

The definition of a phobia is:

I thought it was just a fear of clowns not a full blown phobia. Until I got a friend request from someone that dresses as a clown for local events. I saw the clown get up and that alone was reason enough for me to deny. 😂

I have no idea what stemmed this fear. I just know it’s been with me as far back as I can remember.

Most phobias are linked to a traumatic event or situation but not all. I really wish I knew the why for my fear of clowns. But it’s not a phobia that hinders my life. So I won’t be spending thousands of dollars seeking psychiatric help in curing it. I’m good! Thanks.